5 Fun Ways to Romance Your Husband on Valentine’s Day

Written by ElizabethThrives

ways to romance your husband on valentines day

Who doesn’t love LOVE?

Valentine’s Day is a great day to take a moment and enjoy the love in your life! The following are fun ways to romance your husband on Valentine’s Day!

But first….you may think that you are the one who wants to be romanced, right? Well sure.

But in all of life, it truly IS more blessed to give than receive. (Acts 20:35)

(  HERE.)

So my encouragement is to just focus on blessing and loving your husband this Valentine’s Day!

It’s just a BONUS that these kinds of things will naturally cause your man to delight in romancing YOU as well!!

#1- A hidden (hand-written) Valentine to romance your husband on Valentine’s Day!

romance your husband on valentine's day

Yes- definitely hand write it! Take the time to write him a valentine with your own hand! It is simply so special!

Use these Seasons of Life notecards or these Donald Verger Fine Art Photography notecards for the perfect touch!

If you want to take your husband’s thoughts from, “Oh that’s sweet.” to “Wow- that just made my year!” Tell him how handsome he is and how much you appreciate specific things he does. Admire his gifts and strengths, and affirm that you think the absolute world of him!

Why did I say “hidden”? That’s just for fun! Write the valentine and hide it somewhere that he will stumble upon it unexpectedly. It just adds a little more romantic flair to it!

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#2- His favorite treat to romance him on Valentine’s Day!

romance your husband on valentine's day

Every man has favorite treats! Bake one up for him if you can and add some Valentine heart touches to it if you’re feeling the fun holiday spirit! These heart cookie cutters can be used to spruce up many different baked treats!!

Or you can simply buy one of his favorite treats! You can’t go wrong with either one of these two! They are proven to please! Chocolate covered almonds or Harry & David Moose Munch!

Attach a note that says something like, “I hope you are thinking of me as you enjoy this! I sure was thinking of you when I made (or bought) it!”

#3- Join him doing one of his hobbies to romance your husband on Valentine’s Day!

ways a wife can romance her husband

You know what makes your man feel connected to you?

Sitting on the sofa telling you how his day was? Listening to you tell him all about your day?


Men enjoy doing something side-by-side with you … far more than face-to-face sharing- Ha!

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to intentionally do something with your husband!

It doesn’t have to be right on Valentine’s Day but somewhere around Valentine’s Day is perfect!

As far as what to do- just answer these questions:

  • What are his hobbies?
  • What helps him relax and decompress?
  • Is it working on something in the garage? Is it working out? Is it fishing or playing golf or hunting?
  • Is it watching his favorite team?

Whatever you choose, just join him at one of those things. You don’t even have to say much at all – in fact less is more when it comes to talking!

He’ll feel close (and often romantic:-) just having that time “side-by-side” with you.

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#4-Bless his morning to romance your man!

ways a wife can romance her husband on valentine's day

If you’re able, you could have a special breakfast waiting for him when he walks in the kitchen as a fabulous way to romance your husband!

Or if he’s a coffee drinker, you could have everything sitting out that he uses to make his coffee.

If your schedules don’t line up, you could have some overnight oats in a jar like this ready for him to grab with a sweet note stuck on it…

The fact that you’re thinking of him and showing it in this small way makes a big impression to a man!

#5- A “romantic” gift to romance your husband on Valentine’s Day!

ways a wife can romance her husband

Since Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate romantic love, it’s a great time to take a break from all the responsibilities of life and let yourself enjoy the moment!

Maybe be the one to initiate intimacy in a creative way or give a gift that highlights you still feel romantic feelings for him. We can leave the details to the imagination!

In Conclusion…

Enjoy romancing your husband on Valentine’s Day and you’ll agree- it truly is more blessed to give than receive!

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And you may also enjoy ways parents can make their kids feel special on Valentine’s Day as well!

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