5 Simple Ways to Make Mealtimes Easier (for moms)

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ways to make mealtimes easier for moms

5 Simple Ways to Make Mealtimes Easier (for moms)!

The thing about mealtimes is that they come SO OFTEN! You finish preparing breakfast for everyone and it feels like a few minutes later, lunch is needed! Then take a breath, and here comes dinner time! We could all benefit from looking at some ways to make mealtimes EASIER for moms.

For a mom, mealtimes can certainly be overwhelming and bit exhausting to say the least! I love to cook but at some point in my mothering journey, I began to only search for and cook recipes that are super quick and healthy!

When I’m looking at a recipe for the first time, I scroll through the ingredient list. And if that list is one that I deem too long, I just move right on!

Ha- one day I’ll enjoy those longer complicated recipes, but for now as a busy mom, I need all the help I can get to make mealtimes easier!

Mealtimes can often be easier for us if we just make a few tweaks to our mealtime procedures as moms! These 5 ways to make mealtimes easier are the perfect hacks to make mealtimes EASY and allow you to keep your sanity!


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make mealtimes easier


1st- Make a plan and post it to make mealtimes easier!

ways to make mealtimes easier for moms

This one is super important! If you try to fly by the seat of your pants and think of what to have for dinner a few minutes before dinner time, it will not go well!

I know, some free spirits out there say they aren’t planners. But in this area, all moms should DECIDE to be “meal planners” for this season of life!

It doesn’t mean you have to plan or schedule out your life in other areas, but for mealtimes? Planning what you will eat makes a HUGE difference!

Here’s the good news- it only takes a FEW MINUTES to make a BIG DIFFERENCE! Just take 5 minutes and make a menu for the week!

After you make the menu, post it in a prominent place to help all of you know what to do when mealtimes arrive! This is my favorite way to post meal plans for the week: a super cute magnetic menu board!

ways to make mealtimes easier for moms

Reserving the groceries for pickup or delivery is a mealtime hack for moms that makes it all that much easier!

Then when meal times come, you just walk in the kitchen and begin preparing the meal without hesitation!


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2nd- Assign a genre to each night to make mealtimes easier!

ways to make mealtime easier for moms

This mealtime hack makes dinner time so much easier for moms! When you plan what you have for your meals for the week, it truly takes no time at all if you assign a food genre to each day!

For instance, Monday can be Italian night. Then when you are making your quick menu for the week, you don’t sit there and think of any and every meal idea. No, you pick a meal that is Italian such as spaghetti or pizza or chicken parmesan, etc.

Taco Tuesdays- that’s easy.

You can also pick a type of food such as making Thursdays a “soup night”. I have a “breakfast for dinner” night that can be eggs, grits, bacon type foods or homemade waffles and such. The possibilities are many!

My weekly food genre plan is this:

  • Monday- Italian
  • Tuesday- Tacos
  • Wednesday- Asian
  • Thursday- Breakfast for dinner
  • Friday- American
  • Saturday- Something “new”

Having a food genre or food type assigned to each night helps make meal planning and cooking so much easier for moms!





3rd- Super fun kid involvement to make mealtimes easier!

ways to make mealtimes easier for moms

It’s always beneficial and helpful for moms to involve their kids in as much of the daily tasks as possible! Mealtimes are fabulous times to teach and train our children!

Toddler aged kids and up can definitely help make mealtimes easier for moms!

The young child can be a “dinner helper” and do things like getting the needed foods out of the fridge or pantry for Mom. Toddlers can help stir foods and they always love you to brag on them for helping once you all sit down to eat!

School aged kids can really make mealtimes easier for moms! They can have a designated night to be in the kitchen with you learning how to prepare a meal!

I find that if they get to pick a meal that they like, it helps them to buy-in to this fun activity! You want to show them what to do so that next time, they can cook the meal by themselves for the family to eat!

Giving them an apron to put on is super fun too! I like a feminine apron for myself and there are many inexpensive aprons for kids like these too!

Talk about feeling proud and accomplished. Mom does and so does the kid!

For us, “kid prep and cook” night is a night when we are all home. And each child has a turn getting to plan and cook the meal for us!

Not only is it fun for all, but it gives them confidence that they can actually make a meal when and if needed one day!

This mom hack for making mealtimes easier is definitely one of our whole family’s favorite ideas!





4th- Make use of some amazing kitchen appliances to make mealtimes easier!

I don’t think there is a mom out there who doesn’t love the way it feels to have a meal ready to go that was cooked in the crockpot or instant pot!

It helps make mealtimes much easier when moms try to have at least one meal a week cooked in a crockpot or instant pot.

It’s so wonderful that you can throw the ingredients into one of these pots and go on your merry way. Later when it’s dinner time? No problem. Dinner is warm in the pot!

And if you don’t have a rice cooker, oh my! These are a dreamy addition to your kitchen appliances!! You can cook your meat dish in the crockpot or instant pot and have perfectly cooked warm rice ready to go!

Or you can cook rice in the rice cooker earlier in the day. Then, all you have to do is prepare the meat and veggies at mealtime! WAY easier and quicker than having to also cook rice on the stove!

Here are truly fabulous and last-your-whole-life examples of these kitchen appliances that we’ve talked about. These 3 are guaranteed rock stars and make mealtimes SO MUCH EASIER for moms!


make mealtimes easier

make mealtimes easier

make mealtimes easier


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5th- Double it up for later to make mealtimes easier!

Talk about making your mom life easier!

There aren’t many foods that don’t freeze well. So if you simply make double the amount the FIRST time, you have made a future mealtime crazy easy for yourself!

For example, if you make chili one night, make double and freeze it. Next time you need a quick meal, what could be more doable than taking something out of the freezer and reheating it?

Soon you will have SEVERAL options of different meals in your freezer- just waiting to make your life easier!!

I have found that these BPA free food storage containers work better for soups than plastic freezer bags.

ways to make mealtimes easier for moms

And these aluminum foil pans are perfect for freezing whole meals!

make mealtimes easier for moms

Try the simple hack of making double and FREEZING meals and start thriving at mealtimes!

Finally a really helpful resource from Lena at whatmommydoes.com is a plan of 63 weekly mealtime themes to make dinners super easy for sure!




Mealtimes don’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. That’s good news! These 5 ways to make mealtimes easier for moms can be game changers! Let me know how they work for you!



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TRY THESE 5 Simple Ways to Make Mealtimes Easier (for moms)!

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