4 Ways Parents Can Make Valentine’s Day Special for Kids!

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ways parents make kids feel special on valentines day

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of LOVE! But it doesn’t just have to be a time to celebrate romantic love. It can be a wonderful opportunity for parents to love on their children. There are definitely ways parents can make Valentine’s Day special for kids!

It’s easy to do! Here are 4 great ways parents can make Valentine’s Day special for kids!

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#1- Handwritten valentines from parents!

how parents make valentine's special for kids

It might seem that the written word is more and more rare, but that is all the more reason to take a few minutes and let your children have a note penned by your specific hand.

Think how special it is to you if you have anything handwritten by your parents from years ago!

Typing a note and sending it is just not as powerful! So take a minute and WRITE a note on some lovely Valentine stationary like this or some cute cards like this to each of your children!

Tell them some things you LOVE about them, some things you are PROUD of, some things you are THANKFUL for. And you will bless their socks off!

(If they are just toddlers, it can be a couple of sentences that you read to them. Then, put it in a keepsake for them to have when they are older!)

Giving a handwritten valentine to your kids is a priceless way that parents can make Valentine’s Day special!

#2- Affirmation Posters from Siblings (or just parents if there are no siblings:-)!

ways parents make kids feel special

These are so special! What you need is a poster board (this is a great deal for a pack of them) for each child. Feel free to cut it in the shape of a heart! Simply write your child’s name on it. Then, ask each sibling to write 3 different things they love about their sibling.

Helping your kids think through ways to affirm each other is so valuable. Plus each kid gets the encouragement right back when they receive their own affirmation poster.

If they are too young to write, of course you do it for them and help prompt them! Parents who have a baby will write on the baby’s behalf to his/her older sibling something like, “I love how you help mommy feed me,” or “I love how you like to hold me in your lap on the sofa!”

You as the parent initiate this which is a huge way to make your kids feel special on Valentine’s Day!

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#3- Make or buy their favorite sweet treat!

ways parents make kids feel special on valentine's

Surely Valentine’s Day involves some sweet treats for kids, but making the effort to make or buy each specific kid’s favorite treat is a great idea!

Since I have five boys, that comes out to be five different kinds of treats! It may be brownies that I bake for one, jelly beans that I buy (can you even make those?!) for another, a certain ice cream for another, etc.

They all feel special to have their own Valentine treat tailor-made (or bought) just to their liking!

It’s a fun way to love on your kids!

#4- A special Valentine’s Breakfast!

ways parents make kids feel special

On Valentine’s Day, the parents may be trying to do something special with each other for the dinner meal, so breakfast is an easy meal to make special for your kids!

It can be a Valentine tradition to make them breakfast that is different than the norm! Making a hot breakfast when they usually eat cereal or making pancakes or waffles is a great way to bless your kids!

You can cut waffles in the shape of a heart if you’re really talented, or you can use these cool heart molds to make heart-shaped eggs or pancakes!

Then, they will always look forward to “Valentine’s breakfast”!

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In Conclusion…

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate romantic love! But it can also be a great day parents can make their kids feel super special and loved!

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