Crazy Easy Summer Time Treats that kids will love (printable recipes)!

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easy summer time treats for kids

Try these super easy summer time treats for kids!

Don’t you just love summer? Warmer days, slower schedule, memories being made all the time! Summer time also lends itself to all kinds of TREATS that kids love! These fabulous summer time treats are so crazy simple! Talk about making your kids’ smile with zero effort!

Easy works for any season of the year, right? Moms are often in need of all things that can be efficient and easy for sure!

First, let me be clear, since I greatly advocate healthy eating! The following are summer time TREATS. So they will include ingredients such as sugar, that we don’t want to overdo in our kids’ lives. The ones that contain sugar should certainly be more rare TREATS.

If you know me, you know I choose to eat like the THRIVING THRU NUTRITION plan 80-85% of the time, which is sustainable!

Every now and then, we certainly enjoy a little treat. Here are our my kids’ favorite summer time treats! Some healthier than others! SIMPLE and EASY may even be an understatement about these!!

At the end, you will see how you can access the free printable versions of these recipes!

summer time treats for kids


(  HERE.)


#1 Refreshing Lemonade Tea!

easy summer time treats for kids

There aren’t many people who don’t love lemonade mixed with tea! This recipe is the PERFECT amount of both tea and lemonade to make an absolute favorite summer time treat! I like to make this here in the south to go with our Sunday lunches in the summer.

This is also a quick and easy summer time treat to make when you have guests coming over as well!

Here is the recipe:



  • 1 can frozen lemonade concentrate
  • 3 Family Size Tea Bags
  • 1/2 cup honey or sugar
  • Water
  • Gallon Pitcher


  • Pour frozen lemonade concentrate into gallon size pitcher.
  • Add 1/2 cup honey or sugar
  • Place the 3 tea bags in a small pot with 2 cups of water. Bring to a boil and then cover for 3-5 minutes.
  • (Or microwave a glass jar of 2 cups of water with the 3 tea bags for 3 minutes)
  • Discard tea bags and add the hot tea to the pitcher. Stir until all is dissolved.
  • Add water to fill the rest of the pitcher and stir. ENJOY! 



#2- Truly the BEST cookies n’ cream ice cream!

easy summer time treats for kids

Again, this is not something we eat often because we want to do all we can to be healthy and strong! But when you are going to have a treat, this is the way to go! A true favorite among kids!

Quick and easy summer time dessert? Oh yes.

Totally delicious? Just make it one time and watch your kids go crazy for it!

This ice cream is great for birthday parties for kids as well as it always a huge hit!

Here is the recipe:



  • 1 gallon of vanilla icecream
  • 8oz tub Cool Whip Topping
  • 1 package of OREO cookies, crushed


  • Let icecream soften for about 15 minutes
  • Transfer icecream to a large bowl
  • Add the tub of whipped topping and the crushed oreos
  • Stir together well then transfer back in the icecream gallon tub
  • Voila! Best ever cookies n cream ice cream!


#3- Perfect Popsicles!

easy summer time treats for kids

These delicious popsicles are almost so easy it’s embarassing to write this down! But parents often think the easiest popsicles are the ones you BUY in a grocery store, but that is not true here!

Most popsicles in the grocery stores actually have artificial coloring and are full of sugar. Two very compelling reasons not to buy those typical popsicles from the grocery store.


This article on the big concerns with food colorings is a helpful resource: Is Food Coloring Safe For Kids


Let’s suffice it so say, you don’t want to give your kids foods like that. We can give our kids summer time treats with no food coloring super easily!

Are you ready for how crazy easy it is to make delicious popsicles for your kiddos?

These are fully customizable for your kids’ tastes and desires!

Here it is:




  • Drop some fresh fruit into popsicle molds (depending on size of fruit and molds)
  • Fill the rest of the molds with the juice
  • Freeze and enjoy all the delicious possibilities!


See? Almost TOO easy! Some people add the fruit, juice, and some ice to a blender and blend it up. Then they just pour those into the popsicle molds. Those homemade popsicles are great too!

But the above recipe is just as enjoyable as the popsicles made in the blender while being quicker and easier!

Some of our favorite combos are peaches with apple juice, grapes with grape or apple juice, and strawberries with berry juice! Have fun trying different combos!



PRO-TIP: Make summer fruits a TREAT!

summer time treats for kids

How you may ask? Depending on your kitchen, I think getting a tiered tray such as this fabulous wooden tiered tray or this wooden 2-tier basket and putting it in a prominent place on your counter is the way! Simply, fill the tray or basket with different fresh fruits.

My kids like bananas, apples, peaches, plums, and kiwis to name a few!

A full fruit tray or basket is definitely pretty, right? Having the tiered kind of display seems to draw more attention to it and you will see that your kids will start gravitating to the fruit and picking out a piece of fruit they like!

If you get a watermelon or cantelope, simply cut it up one day and leave it sitting on a platter for kids to eat as they pass by! What a treat!

I find that by the end of the week, I need to restock the fruit baskets and it really isn’t that expensive to do so. Plus, it makes a parent feel good to need more fresh fruit for the kids rather than processed unhealthy foods!

Summer fruits can definitely be a treat for kids on hot summer days!


DOWNLOAD Your FREE PRINTABLE: 3 Easy Summer time treats for kids!

summer time treats for kids

These recipes for easy summer time treats are made available to print for free. Now you can keep the rotation of these fun foods going in your family with ease!


Concluding thoughts on these crazy easy summer time treats for kids…


These are all so easy and simple and a great way to enjoy summer sweets with your kids!



Super easy summer time treats for kids!

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