17 of the best stocking stuffer ideas for toddler boys in 2021!

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best stocking stuffer ideas for toddler boys

17 of the best stocking stuffer ideas for toddler boys in 2021!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Little toddler boys are so much fun to buy gifts for! Instead of having to sit and rack your brain about what to get, here are the absolute best stocking stuffer ideas for toddler boys!

You want to have great stocking stuffers for Christmas morning! Then you can enjoy the pure delight and excitement on your little boy’s face when he sees his Christmas stocking!


What kind of gifts are good for christmas stockings?

When filling a stocking, you want to gather  small “Christmas happy’s” that you know will delight your toddler boy! This gift guide will certainly take all the thinking out of the equation! Right here, you have the absolute best stocking stuffers for toddler boys!

All 17 little gifts are tried and true and tested in my household of 5 precious boys! If it’s not a great idea for a stocking stuffer, it’s not on this list! These are tested and highly approved by my own kids!

So you can count on these exciting your little guy.

Bonus- there is not much easier than buying online and taking care of this Christmas task in a few minutes flat! Thankfully, all of these items are gifts you can order online!


Each stocking stuffer idea for toddlers is under $15!

Even more of a win is that all of these stocking stuffers for toddler boys are super budget friendly!

You want to give you’re a little guy gifts that he will love. But it makes it that much more enjoyable for the gift giver if it doesn’t break the bank, right?

These are low cost, but that doesn’t sacrifice quality! Each of these stocking stuffer ideas are great quality and all at super affordable prices!

That brings my kind of Christmas joy!

Let’s get to the 17 perfect stocking stuffers ideas for toddler boys in 2021!


(  HERE.)


Oh Thomas the Train! What a fabulous toy for a toddler boy! The small wooden trains fit perfectly in a stocking and are the walking dog of train toys for toddlers!

If you have a toddler boy that loves trains, you simply have to add these to his stocking to contribute to his Thomas the Train collection! Here are 3 no-fail favorites:

thomas the train toddler stocking stuffing

toddler stocking stuffer thomas trains

  • James the train (James is one of the original characters who is always a favorite. His additional coal tender makes this one a toddler favorite too)

thomas the train for toddler stocking stuffers

  • Harvey the crane (what boy doesn’t love a crane! This magnetic tip allows him to pick up trains and other cargo packages and such!)


thomas cargo stacker train for toddler gift

Also this Thomas Cargo Stacker TRain is a bigger Thomas the Train with some fun stacking cargo blocks for toddlers!


hot wheels cars for toddler stocking stuffers

What fits in a toddler boy’s little hands better than a Hot Wheels car?

These timeless metal cars are first of all durable. Plus Hot Wheels cars are toys your toddler boy will play with now and for years to come!

You really can’t have too many of them! Putting a couple in a stocking is the perfect stocking stuffer idea for toddler boys!


I think Christmas stockings for toddlers (and older kids too:-) should always have some sweet treats as well!

What’s a better Christmas candy than a candy cane? Definitely have a couple candy canes sticking out of the stocking for the best effect!

candy cane stocking stuffers for toddlers

Now, it is not a good idea to give your child foods with chemical food colorings. (See this article about the saftey of food coloring in kids’ foods). These YumEarth candy canes are perfect because they don’t have the red food coloring!


lollipops for todder stocking stuffers

And then a sucker or lollipop is a universal candy that kids of all ages love!

These lollipops have pure ingredients to keep your toddler boy healthy while enjoying a treat! Toss some of these in his stocking and you are set!




  • Seasonal Fruit!

If your toddler boy likes fruit, it’s always festive to include a seasonal citrus fruit like an orange, a grapefruit, or an apple!

The fruit takes up space and helps give the stocking shape as well as an added benefit!


bouncy balls for toddler gifts

What fun a toddler boy can have with a super bouncy rubber ball!

The traditional smaller bouncy balls could present a choking hazard if your little guy likes to put things in his mouth! So these jumbo bouncy balls are bigger which makes them the perfect size.

The bigger size of these balls makes them easy for a toddler to grasp with his small hands.

And the jumbo bouncy balls are not a choking hazard!

So fun!


You definitely need to throw in some crayons for your toddler boy’s artistic pursuits ahead! These crayons are perfect for little hands to hold onto easily. And they provide a great way to learn how to hold a crayon appropriately.

A gift that also helps fine motor skills is a win for sure!

The vibrant colors can also be used to teach the little one recognition of his colors!

toddler crayons for toddler stocking stuffers

These egg shaped crayons are perfect for 1 and 2 year olds while the jumbo crayons are generally doable for 3 year olds! Crayons make a super stocking stuffer gift idea for toddler boys!




harmonica toddler gift

One of my toddler’s favorite musical toys is a harmonica. A harmonica is such a fun instrument that a toddler can literally pick up and begin making music right away!

It’s the right size for a toddler plus a harmonica is just intuitive to play. A little boy can easily see that all he needs to do is just blow in it!

Your little boy will be delighted when he hears the music! Playing a harmonica is a fun way to introduce your son to playing a muscial instrument!

This harmonica is definitely sized and priced to be a great stocking stuffer idea!


You could roll up a couple of these and put them in your toddler’s stocking for sure!

These work if your toddler is already wearing big boy underwear AND also if he still needs to work on potty training!

They can either excite him about some cool under garments to wear now.., OR they can serve to bring motivation for him to learn to use the poddy soon! A big win for sure!



t shirt for toddler stocking stuffers

A T-shirt with your toddler’s favorite character on it is a great stocking stuffer idea!

If your little man is into Thomas the train, get him a Thomas the Train shirt!  Or if it’s Paw Patrol, do that!

You can easily find a shirt with a character he likes just for him.

If you roll a toddler sized t-shirt up, it fits into a stocking perfectly!


sports balls for toddler stocking stuffers

The sports balls are perfect for little boys to kick, to throw, and to catch!

All of these are great for developing your little guy’s hand-eye coordination and agility. The smaller sizes are just what a toddler boy needs to begin getting exposed to these fun sports!

You could stick one in his stocking and have a little scavenger hunt to find the other two balls if you want to really make it fun!




bath toys for toddler sotcking stuffers

Bath time is play time right?

A new bath toy is certainly a fun stocking stuffer idea for a toddler boy! This octopus is an absolute favorite! I don’t know what it is about this particular octopus bath toy, but every kid just LOVES it!

All kinds of pretend play involving sea creatures goes on with this silly octopus bath toy!

You can’t go wrong putting one of these in your toddler’s stocking on Christmas morning!



sippy cup for toddler stocking stuffer

A new sippy cup is always a fun treat as well! Little ones aren’t usually quite ready for a water bottle. So chances are your toddler uses a sippy cup each and every day.That’s why a new one can be fun!

This Nalgene cup is going to be your longest lasting durable sippy cup! First of all, it holds a large amount of liquid with a chew proof mouthpiece.

And then you know what they say about Nalgene bottles, don’t you? It may be the best thing about Nalgene cups and bottles. You can supposedly drive a car over them and they won’t break!

A toddler certainly needs a durable sippy cup like this!

sippy cup toddler stocking stuffers

The Miracle Cup is so cool! It works like a charm!

It definitely helps train your little one to drink out of a regular cup because they just put their mouth on it the same way you would a normal cup for older kids.

The Miracle Cup has no spout to worry with, and it’s totally spill proof!

Both of theses sippy cup options are a great gift choice for your toddler.


card games for toddler stocking stuffers

This little card game can be tucked in a stocking easy peezy!

A toddler can play a matching game or “Go Fish” with these cards. They have cute little animals and upper case and lower case letters. So a toddler can have fun playing a game while also learning to begin recognizing his letters!

Win win! A Christmas stocking stuffer that serves many purposes is always welcome!


bath crayons for toddler stocking stuffers

Another fun activity in the bath is letting your toddler hold these big crayons and draw all kinds of fun pictures while he plays in the water!

Bath markers or bath crayons are both super fun and a great stocking stuffer idea for toddlers! All the different colors wash off the bathtub and walls super easily by just wiping them off.

Giving your toddler bath crayons to use is the perfect way to let him scribble scrabble on the wall! Or he can draw something like smiley faces and such! So fun for little ones in the bathtub!


bubble bath for toddler stocking stuffer

Speaking of having fun in the bath! Bubbles make any toddler excited to get clean!

You definitely want to use some thing that will nourish and soften their precious skin so I recommend this incredible seasonal favorite by Arbonne called …….

It’s only available in October through December while supplies last! It always seems to sell out quickly!


And then the Everyone Soap for Every Kid is a brand that is our family’s favorite all year round! I just put 10 pumps of this in the bathtub and my little one has a blast!

Stick an Everyone bubble bath or Arbonne kid’s bubble bath in the stocking for definite giggles and excitement from your toddler boy!


An electric toothbrush first of all fits perfectly in a toddler’s stocking. And second, it’s one of the most fun stocking stuffer ideas!

Watch and your toddler will love the tickly power toothbrush! And before you know it, he will be brushing his teeth better than before!


temporary tattos toddler stocking stuffer

Some toddlers absolutely love certain animals or characters. And to have a little tattoo on their hand or arm makes it that much more fun!

These temporary tattoos are perfect because they wash off easily. That’s important! And little ones think it’s so fun to have the animal or character on as a tattoo!

You can just roll up a sheet of these and put them in a toddler’s stocking and you are set!



No need to rack your brain thinking of what to put in your toddler boy’s stocking this Christmas! Each of these 17 stocking stuffer ideas for toddler boys is something your little one will enjoy!

So have fun narrowing down what you want to put in his stocking this year, or like me, put it ALL in there! Let me know how it goes!

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17 of the best stocking stuffer ideas for toddler boys in 2021!

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