12 Quality Devotion books for Boys (that you can feel great about!)

Written by ElizabethThrives

quality devotion books for boys

If you are blessed to have a son, then this list of quality devotion books for boys can be a great help! Helping your sons start their day with some devotional time is one of the most valuable habits you can help them develop!

I find that it is KEY to make sure your son has excellent devotion books available to him. We have a basket that we’ve deemed the “devotional basket” that houses all of our quality devotion books for boys.

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This list includes books for beginning readers up to the early teenage years. In our household of 5 boys, we can say that each of these books are truly quality devotion books for boys!

These devotion books are in order from early readers up to the teenage years!

#1- I Can Read God’s Word!

This devotion book is a great tool for kids age 4 to 6 years old. It has simply written paraphrases of many Bible passages for young readers. Our sons felt excited they could read their own devotions with this book! It gives confidence in reading skills while learning more about God’s Word.

#2- Devotions for Beginning Readers!

quality devotion books for boys

This devotion book is aimed at beginning readers from kindergarten through the third grade.  Each devotion has a passage of Scripture, a “today’s word” segment that features a vocabulary word used in the devotion, and a prayer at the end. It’s an engaging devotion book that is great for a child to read on his own or to read and discuss with his parents!




#3- Adventure Bible Book of Devotions for Early Readers (NIrV)!

quality devotion books for boys

A devotion book filled with stories about kids finding adventure all around them is sure to please your 6 to 10 year old! There are 365 devotions in this book making a great choice for a whole year! This is a companion to the NIrV Adventure Bible that we have given all of our sons as their first “real” Bible!

If you are a mother and want to deepen your connection with your child(ren), the free 3 Days of Thriving for Moms is a great way to do that! It’s a special 3 day mini-course for moms with one easy, meaningful parenting action a day for 3 days! 3 DAYS OF THRIVING FOR MOMS PLEASE!

#4- Adventure Bible Books of Devotions (NIV)!

This one is for kids of ages 9-12 years. It contains 365 daily devotions full of Scripture and inspiring adventures of kids learning more about God and His word.  This is a companion to the NIV Adventure Bible that our boys have enjoyed reading in their adolescent years!

#5- The One Year Devotions for Boys!

This is such a great devotional for a boy aged 8-11 years old! It has daily stories applicable to a young boy that relate to the Scripture passage for the day. The devotion book has good questions to think on and encourages memorization of the Scripture passages.
(You may also like a super helpful parenting resource called “Praying Proverbs for My Children“! Download your free copy HERE)

#6- The One Year Devotions for Active Boys!

quality devotion books for boys
This devotional is so great for the active boy aged 8-11 years old! The devotions have the devotional story, Scripture, and a prayer but also include a fun twist like a joke, a riddle, or hands-on activity that really do engage active boys! I have a couple active boys and this devotional is perfect for them!

#7- The Action Bible Devotional!

quality devotion books for boys

Does your son(s) have The Action Bible yet? This devotional for 9-11 year olds pairs with the wonderful Action Bible using stories from it to help kids grow in their walk with God. It is split into 52 weeks.  Each week has a key verse- (a highlight from the weekly story), “x-ray vision”- (thoughts to connect the story with your life), “your mission”- (three ideas to put the themes into action), “your debrief” (three questions to spark some thinking), and “mission accomplished”- (a place to make notes).

 #8- The Ultimate Boys Book of Devotions!

This devotion book does a fabulous job of identifying with the issues that an adolescent boy is going through. Daily Scripture passages with practical insights and applications for a boy are spot on in this book. It includes a year’s worth of devotions!

#9- Boyhood and Beyond: Practical Wisdom for Becoming a Man!

This is a book that leads boys on the road to becoming men of honor, courage, and faith. It’s not a daily devotion like many of the others but has short chapters covering topics such as authority, inventiveness, and honesty as well as learning to overcome things like fear, laziness, and temptation. Each chapter points a boy to becoming a man of God as they grow in relationship with Him. So it is easy to read it as a devotional book taking a chapter a day or week. Designed for boys aged 10-18.

#10- Thoughts For Young Men!

This book written by J.C. Ryle is simply gold. It is written very brief (which is perfect for boys’ attention spans!)and the fact that it was written a hundred years ago does not cause issue. Timeless wisdom abounds here. In this book Thoughts for Young Men, Ryle warns young men about the dangers of the world — pride, pleasure, contempt of true Christianity and the fear of man’s opinion, among them — while giving biblical, practical advice for living a godly life. No wonder it is in the top 100 best selling books ever! (Ryle’s Duties Of Parents is what I consider the absolute best book on parenting ever.)

#11- Checkpoints- A Tactical Guide to Manhood!

This is for guys aged 12 and up! It has 8 main character checkpoints that are covered one week at a time. Each week has 5 daily devotional readings including daily Bible memory, service applications (which is awesome), and prayer guide. This can be completed alone, with a parent, or in a small group!

#12- How To Be A Man- Pursuing Christ Centered Masculinity!

quality devotion books for boys

This is a wonderful 40-day devotional written by Rick Burgess for teenage guys. (There is an adult edition as well.) It is split into 8 core characteristics of Jesus, with 5 devotions for each one. The “Processing the Pursuit” sections at the end of each day challenge teenagers to apply the daily learnings. There are currently 3 volumes of the How To Be A Man Devotionals!

In conclusion…

If you have a son, I hope you will make sure to have quality devotion books for boys available to him- from the toddler to the teen years!

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