Hi, I’m Elizabeth. I’m a wife to a wonderful man, and I’m a homeschooling mom to 5 precious boys (they wouldn’t like me calling them precious but I can’t help it:-)!

I wanted to name this blog “Elizabeth Thrives” because as life is FLYING by, I don’t want the mediocre life. I don’t want the “just surviving” kind of life that moms can fall into in the craziness. I’ve definitely found myself there more than I want. Nope. I want to THRIVE through it all!!

And I want to help other wives and moms step out of the “barely hanging on” places to the THRIVING places! I think the only way to truly THRIVE is to rest in the forgiveness that Jesus Christ offers. His grace gives us joy in the present and hope for the future. Therefore my encouragement will often point others to Him who loves us with an eternal love.

My husband and I have been in Christian ministry for 17 years and we’ve had the privilege to know the ins and outs of many marriages and families. You will find that I am honored to share the wisdom I’ve learned along the way to help women THRIVE as wives and moms! 

You’ll also see that I’m passionate about women being healthy and strong! All the health tips and hacks you need are here too!

My free “3 Days of Thriving” mini course is a fun, simple way to make some small steps towards thriving BIG! It includes an email a day for 3 days. Each email has a best of the best smoothie recipe to start your day off thriving:-), and each email has 1 marriage and 1 parenting action step you can take to make huge steps towards thriving! 

I’m right there with you, so I know we need steps to be quick, easy, and powerful! That’s exactly what you get with my 3 Days of Thriving mini course! I hope it will bless you in wonderful ways!

The best is yet to come!