12 Terrific learning toys for toddlers for 2021 (every toddler should have these!)

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learning toys for toddlers

12 Terrific learning toys for toddlers for 2021 (every toddler should have these!)

Parents of littles often ask, “What are some really terrific learning toys for toddlers?”

If you have a little toddler munchkin, chances are you feel the weight of responsibility that this child of yours needs to be prepared for learning and school one day! Right? Well you don’t need to stress about it, but it is a good idea to make sure your toddler has some great learning toys to aid him/her in growing smart and strong!

As a homeschooling mom of 5 kids, I am well acquainted with learning toys!

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The following is a list of tried and true, fun and helpful, terrific learning toys for toddlers!

#1- Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set!

learning toys for toddlers

You can’t have toddlers in the house and NOT have one of these magnetic letter sets!

All letters of the alphabet are there with fun learning songs that little ones respond to! This includes beginning phonics help as letter sounds are also in all the musical fun! Only downside is keeping up with all 26 letters!

#2- See and Spell Learning Toy!

learning toys for toddlers

This gives a super fun way to help your child make connections between letter sounds and blending letter sounds to make short words! These wooden puzzle cards are fun and engaging for toddlers learning their letters and sounds! It’s a great introduction to reading.




#3- Number and Alphabet flashcards especially for toddlers!

learning toys for toddlers

These cards are thick and about 2 inches tall each which is perfect for toddlers! This set includes wooden letters and numbers that you put in the-cut outs on the cards. Perfect for coordination and getting familiar with recognizing letters and numbers!

If you are a mother and want to deepen your connection with your child(ren), the free 3 Days of Thriving for Moms is a great way to do that! It’s a special 3 day mini-course for moms with one easy, meaningful parenting action a day for 3 days! 3 DAYS OF THRIVING FOR MOMS PLEASE!

#4- Leapfrog Letter Factory!

learning toys for toddlers

DVDs are not your go-to anymore you say? If you are able to stream it cheaper, definitely do that! Here is the link to buy the movie because it is definitely one you want to have! Hands down. All my kids learned their letters with this movie! It’s engaging and makes learning the letters a cinch.

Talking Words Factory is another great one for pre-schoolers! It builds on the letters factory to teach reading and phonics in an easy-to-grasp way!

#5- Floor Tom Drum!

learning toys for toddlers

This drum deserves some type of award for surviving and thriving in my household of 5 boys for the last 15 years! They have all played it, stood on it, performed musical creations with it and more! It is still in great shape and has an authentic sound. What toddler wouldn’t want to experiment with this?

(You may also like a super helpful parenting resource called “Praying Proverbs for My Children“! Download your free copy HERE)

#6- Melissa and Doug Wooden Block Set!

learning toys for toddlers

Put a big tub of wooden blocks in front of a toddler and watch the learning begin! It is so fun to watch what a toddler will build and knock down, and build again! Little ones also seem to respond well to the colorful blocks! This is a timeless toy every toddler should have!

#7- Wooden Percussion Instruments!

learning toys for toddlers

Exposing your toddlers to musical instruments is a great way to expand their imagination and coordination skills. Percussion instruments are especially great for toddlers because they can explore all the different sounds and rhythms easily!

#8- Leapfrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book!

This book is so great because it not only shows the word pictures, but speaks the words. The songs are fun and catchy for all the many words in the book. When song and words are combined in an whimsical way, it makes learning a breeze. This book is well done!

#9- Vtech Record and Learn Studio!

learning toys for toddlers

This keyboard toy has so much fun packed in! I was shocked when my 18month old recorded himself “singing” and laughing with the recorder function. It’s great to see how quickly a toddler can pick up on all there is to learn! Playing music, accompanying music, recording music and more!

#10- Alex Discover My First Scribble Art and Craft Activity!

This activity book is so fabulous! Getting your toddler used to holding writing utensils is not easy and these activity pages make it fun and doable for a little one!

#11- Thinkfun Roll and Play Game for Toddlers!

learning toys for toddlers

Thinkfun makes some very fun games for older kids and when I bought this years ago, I realized they are pretty great at toddler games too! This cube is big and soft and toddlers love acting out the cards! The cards are fun and engaging!

Roll and Play has toddlers doing many motor planning skills from giggling to hopping to making faces to learning colors!

#12- Crayola My First Scribbler Bundle!

This is such a fabulous set for a toddler to experiment and explore with his/her hands! This includes a toddler art smock, 3 of the large egg crayons (this bigger set of egg crayons is great too!), washable finger paints, and 20 extra large painting papers. This provides hours of learning fun for toddlers!

I also love these toddler paintbrush pens! They are easy for a little one to grasp and begin creating with ease!

learning toys for toddlers



Toddlers are like little sponges – just soaking up the world around them! It’s an exciting time and a sweet time for parents to watch! Having these terrific learning toys for toddlers on hand will help your little one begin their journey of learning well!

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Toddler learning toy

12 Terrific learning toys for toddlers for 2021 (every toddler should have these!)

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