Laundry Made Easier (5 Game changers)

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laundry made easier

Laundry Made Easier with these 5 game changers!

The need to do laundry is something all moms have in common! Some moms are drowning in “laundry overwhelm” while some moms are making laundry work like a well-oiled machine! I want to help you THRIVE in this area, so I’m sharing 5 game-changing ways to make laundry EASIER!


How can I make laundry more manageable?

Once you become a mom, your laundry load increases dramatically. This can definitely make it a challenge to manage your laundry.

Getting the when, where, and how to do laundry for your family figured out is KEY. These 5 ways to make laundry EASIER are sure to help you manage your laundry and even THRIVE as you do it!


How do you make laundry less boring?

One great way to make laundry easier is to make some changes that make laundry less boring of a task.

There isn’t much too exciting about putting clothes in the washer, moving them from washer to dryer, and taking them out of the dryer, right?

Well these 5 tips to make laundry easier add just the right amount of efficiency to your laundry task! And when laundry works better and easily, it takes the boredom away!

Laundry can even be downright fun when you make these changes!


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laundry made easier

#1st way to make laundry easier- Laundry Basket Hack!

ways to make laundry easier

You simply have to do the laundry basket hack! It’s very simple and very effective!

  • You buy a laundry basket for EACH MEMBER of the family. If you are married with one child, you will have 3 laundry baskets: one for you, your husband, and your child.
  • You also get one additional laundry basket for LINENS. This includes towels, sheets, etc.

I have 5 kids, so we are a 7 person family. Therefore, I have 8 laundry baskets, which cover one basket for each person plus one basket for linens!

These large cotton rope baskets are perfect for individual laundry baskets while looking charmingly rustic.

Or you can always go the plastic basket route too! This pack of 6 square laundry baskets is a great deal as a bulk item!

You get the idea!

You can mix and match baskets or for an aesthetically pleasing laundry room/area, go with the same basket all the way around!

Now, where to put these baskets you may ask!

laundry made easier

A simple table like this folding table is perfect for storing laundry baskets if you have the space!

laundry made easier

I think putting a large gingham tablecloth like this makes it pretty and gives you the option to store things underneath the table!

Or you can put shelves in your laundry space if that’s easier! Get creative and have fun with it!

You will LOVE having the individual baskets!



The way this works is when you take clothes out of the dryer, you simply put the clothing that belongs to each person in his or her basket.

So it goes straight from the dryer to the appropriate basket.

This simple laundry hack ends the massive laundry pile waiting to be folded or group of piles that can form and cause overwhelm! No more!

With this way to make laundry easier, you simply have neatly sorted laundry in lovely organized baskets!




#2nd way to make laundry easier- Embrace Kid folding (even toddlers!)

ways to make laundry easier

Now that you have clean clothes sorted into each person’s basket (see “laundry basket hack” above…), it’s time to think through folding!

Sometimes, the clothes never get folded, and that’s OK!

People just go to their basket and grab some clean clothes out to wear that day.

But other times, it’s good to fold those clean clothes and put them away, right? When you have a big pile of clean laundry, it’s more complicated to try to assign kids to help fold because it’s just a chaotic mess.

BUT, when each person has their own basket of clean clothes sitting there, folding becomes a breeze!

It’s an easy and relatively quick chore for each child to be asked to fold just their basket of clothes once or twice a week. It does NOT take long for a kid to fold their own clothes.

Very young kids can absolutely fold their clothes, too. They don’t have to be perfectly folded. Just loosely folded by them and put in their drawers is a huge win!

Don’t worry. Toddlers will grow to fold more neatly as time goes on. Until then, know that a toddler can sit with his/her basket and fold clothes. You simply demonstrate at first.  And then very soon, your toddler will take off!

And remember, it’s always a great idea to PRAISE your children for helping to make laundry easier!



#3rd way to make laundry easier- Make Folding Fun!

laundry made easier

Every chore doesn’t have to FEEL like a chore. Why not make something like folding laundry FUN for everyone?

One super easy way to make folding laundry fun is to have a quick “folding party” as I call it!

Everyone grabs their own laundry basket of clean clothes and spreads out.  Then, you pick something to watch that everyone would enjoy.

Soon all the clothes are folded and everyone has had fun watching a show or short movie together!

We finish off our “folding party” with a race to see who can put their folded clothes away the quickest! (I do have have boys so everything seems to become a race or competition!)

Empty baskets get put back in their place and voila! Laundry is made easier and FUN too!




#4th way to make laundry easier- Quick Nightly Add-On!

laundry made easier

This laundry hack addresses the need to have the dirty clothes at the washing machine ready to be washed!

We don’t want to have to walk through the house gathering all the dirty clothes when it comes time to wash a load!

A huge way to make this easier is to have a quick nightly step before everyone goes to bed! You have your child(ren) take their dirty laundry to the laundry room/area and leave it beside or on top of the washing machine in a large basket like this lovely one!

A basket like this can sit on top of the washer or beside it. If dirty clothes are deposited in it (real quick) each day, you simply walk to the washer whenever you are ready and start a load in no time!

laundry made easier

It’s great to have a couple small laundry hampers like these in a bedroom or bathroom for people to put dirty clothes. The laundry hampers can be small because your kids empty them each night!

Having the dirty laundry at the washer ready to go is a huge way to make laundry so much easier!



#5th way to make laundry easier- Keep it Moving!

laundry made easier

It seems that keeping the laundry moving daily works well for most families.

When days go by and laundry piles up, so does the overwhelm and dread about this ever growing need in the laundry room!

Instead of letting that happen, a great idea is to just put a load in the wash once a day. If the dirty clothes are in a basket at the washer ready to go, then this only takes a couple of minutes to just drop a load in the washer!

I like doing this in the morning. But really whenever you want to wash is great!

Sometime later, take another couple minutes and move them to the dryer. And then easy peasy for you or one of your kids to distribute the clothes among the baskets!

Like I said, each of these steps takes only a couple minutes. So it’s super easy to just include doing a load of laundry into your day!


Concluding thoughts on ways to make laundry easier…

We all need to wash clothes just like we all need to eat food! The need to wash and dry clothes isn’t going anywhere! Therefore it is a great use of our time to take a minute and implement these ways to make doing laundry EASIER. Then we can THRIVE even as we do this simple chore!




Try these game-changing ways to make laundry easier!

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