13 Ideas for Morning Dates that married couples will love!

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morning date ideas for couples

13 Ideas for Morning Dates that couples will love!

Who says romantic dates only happen in the evenings? Sometimes dates at night are harder to fit in your schedule especially if you have kids in all of their activities. So a great way and a fun way to switch things up is to try going on a morning date every so often!

A date in the morning with your husband or wife is often the perfect time in your schedule! These 13 morning date ideas are fun, romantic, and doable even you don’t have a lot of time!


Why should married couples go on dates?

Relationships don’t just maintain themselves without any effort.

No way! Couples definitely need to spend quality time together to continue to stay connected and growing in their relationship. And couples need good time to communicate about surface things AND deeper things.

Going on dates- which is really spending intentional time together- is one of the best ways to invest in your relationship.

If you haven’t ever gone on a MORNING DATE, then you may be pleasantly surprised by how much fun it is! It is a great idea to definitely start your day off with one of these romantic date ideas with your spouse sometime soon!


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1- Sunrise Picnic Date!

sunrise picnic idea for morning date

One of the best morning date ideas is to go on a picnic together right at sunrise!

The perfect place for a sunrise picnic may be a state park or a botanical garden or maybe just a field somewhere facing east!

Make sure to take a picnic blanket- this happens to be the perfect one!

picnic blanket for morning date ideas

Find a spot where you have a view of the sunrise, lay this large, thick picnic blanket out and you are set.

picnic cooler for morning date picnics

Run by a grocery store to grab breakfast and you can use this fabulous cooler picnic basket to store food you want to stay cool or warm.

wicker picnic basket for morning date ideas

Or this classic lovely wicker basket is perfect for fruit and pastries for breakfast!

Now you are set for a dreamy sunrise picnic morning date!


2- Favorite Breakfast Restaurant!

morning date ideas for couples

Maybe one Saturday morning you and your spouse can steal away to one your favorite breakfast restaurants and enjoy the first meal of the day together!

(No need to go to a fancy dinner at night for this date!)

Sharing a meal together on a date is a great time to enjoy conversation together. Bonus tip: When on a date with your spouse, it’s best to avoid talking about “business things” such as the day’s to-do list or upcoming schedule.

I call that family business type talk. Eating breakfast on your morning date is not the place for that!  Instead, you should enjoy the kind of conversation that helps you get to know your spouse more!

Even better if you can have a good laugh together!

Plus breakfast usually doesn’t cost a lot of money so this can be the perfect time to eat out together!


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3- Coffee Shops and Couples Devotions!

coffee shop morning date idea

A great idea for morning dates is simply going to a coffee shop and doing a couples devotion together.

When was the last time you actually connected spiritually?

These two couples’ devotion books provide a great way to get deeper with each other and with God.

Two couple’s devotions I recommend are:

cpuples devotions on morning date

couples devotional

  • The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional (Great devotional to look at how you are showing your spouse love and adoration. Is it in the love language they understand? Every day’s devotion has a selection from Scripture, an insightful message about communicating love, and a prayer)

Enjoy a warm cup of coffee and an intentional time of connecting spiritually as well!




4- Visit a Farmer’s Market!

A farmers market in the morning can be a fun morning date! Take time to stroll through the lovely fruits and vegetables.

Farmers market’s are usually outdoors in the spring and in the fall when the weather is perfect for such a time.  The weather feels great so it can be nice time together for sure!

Plus, many farmers markets also have local food trucks available for a fun grab and go breakfast as you browse around. Some farmer’s markets even have live music on weekend mornings to enjoy as well!


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5- Doughnuts and Dreams Date!

You can’t go wrong with doughnuts on a morning date!

A good idea for a perfect date would be eating doughnuts while sharing your dreams for the future! You can call it your “doughnuts and dreams” date!

To get the conversation started down the road of dreams and such, ask your spouse things like:

  • What do you dream of doing or accomplishing in the next 5 years, 10 years, and so on?
  • What dreams do you have for our marriage?
  • What dreams do you have for our children?
  • What places do you hope to visit in the next 5 years?

It’s so valuable to hear the heart of your spouse and simply enjoy listening and encouraging one another! Next time you do this morning date, you can compare your answers from before!




6- Start the Day with a Bike Ride Together!

couple riding bikes for morning date idea

It can be really fun to be active together! It just fosters connection between a couple to have a shared experience together. Why not take a bike ride for a great morning date idea one day?

Many local parks have bike trails! You could also ride on roads that are conducive for bikers and have a great time.


couples bike ride together morning date ideas

For a bike you can keep for life and for a bike that will work like a dream, this Co-op Cycles ADV 2.1 Mountain Bike is the way to go for a lifetime of bike rides together. REI.COM has all kinds of excellent bikes for men and women who are serious about a great bike.

dynacraft mountain bike for couples date

For a lower ticket price, a good mountain bike for men and women that you will occasionally enjoy on such morning dates together, this Dynacraft Mountain Bike is a great pick!

Either way, taking a bike ride together can combine getting a great workout plus connecting with your spouse! A true win win!


7- Museum Date!

couple at a museum for morning date ideas

Holding hands walking through a museum…. sounds like a great idea for a morning date for couples.

Just taking in the surroundings and learning about what the museum showcases can definitely be a sweet morning date.

Most local museums open early so you can plan accordingly.

It’s fun to see what your mate does in a museum. Does he/she stop and read every word of the displays? Or does he/she just skim and keep moving?

I’m sure your community (or near your community) has some historical markers you can visit as well!




8- Morning Date to Visit Yard Sales!

Many couples enjoy trying to scout out some good finds together!

Try checking out some local yard sales for a fun morning date idea for sure! You never know what little treasures you may find and it’s just a great opportunity to be together in the morning.

Check social media and pay attention to local signs and scout out a few yard sales to visit one Saturday morning!

Finish the time off with a special drink from a coffee shop or an ice cream and you’ve had a nice morning date!


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9- Early Kayaking on the Water Together!

couple kayaking for morning date idea

A morning kayak ride is such a fabulous idea for a morning date!

Again it’s that shared experience that brings connection in your marriage. And doing something like this together does just that. Kayaking together is super fun while providing a great bonding time!

You know why? Because you are spending needed time together and doing something fun alongside each other. It works to bring connection everytime!

You can use a tandem kayak or individual kayaks.

Not only is kayaking a great exercise but you see some beautiful places while enjoying one another.


10- Matinee Movie Date!

morning date idea

An easy morning date idea is to head to the movie theater to see a matinee movie!

Most movie theaters offer matinee movies as well. Going to see the movie in the morning doesn’t cost as much money, which is always a win!

Enjoy holding hands and cuddling during your movie date to make it even more of a romantic time!




11- Fun Board Games Date!

play board games date idea

Sometimes you don’t even need to go anywhere to have a quality morning date together. One fun way to stay at home and still have a little date is to just play some board games together in your living room! Board games or card games are definitely a fun idea!

Since this is a “date” you should definitely have some romantic prizes for the winner each time! Let your friendly competition be coupled with romance!

As far as what those romantic prizes are, just use the creative genius within you!

Romantic prizes could start out being:

  • a 10 minute back rub
  • a long kiss:-)

You can use your creativity for how to take it from here!

12- Morning Hike Date!

couple hiking for morning date idea

A hike in the morning with the one you love can be such a refreshing way to start the day!

Hiking together in the great outdoors can even be a lot of fun for a double date!

Some important things to bring along:

a couples hike for a morning date idea

  • a healthy energizing JoJe Bar (Baked like a soft cookie with the nutrients your body needs, the JoJe Energy Bar is made with real food ingredients to provide you with wholesome, delicious sustenance and unique, satisfying flavors.)

what to take on a morning hike date

  • or a Bearded Brothers Bar (With their motto, “Bros Before GMOs,” this Bearded Brothers energy bar is made with natural ingredients and no added sugars or syrups-perfect for fueling hikes, climbs, trail runs and more.)

what to take on a morning hike date

  • And you can’t go wrong with a Nalgene water bottle to stay hydrated on your hike! You know what they say about Nalgene water bottles right? You can drive a car over one and it wouldn’t break a Nalgene bottle!

I call that durable and awesome! We’ve had ours for 20+ years and they are still going strong! (You can even replace the cap if you accidentally melt yours in the dishwasher… like someone I know:-)

  • And then to fully enjoy a hike with your spouse, you need comfortable hiking shoes! This is definitely a game changer!

Great hiking shoes are a worthy investment that you can enjoy! REI.COM is THE place to find the absolute best hiking shoes and boots (and all other gear to enjoy the outdoors.)

So definitely try a morning hike for a great date idea! A nature preserve or state park is always a great choice for a place to hike!



13- Cooking Class Date!

cooking class morning date idea

You should always be on the lookout for things you can do and learn together as a couple. Going to a cooking class can definitely be an enjoyable date in the morning!

You can have fun being together while learning a new recipe together! And then you can apply what you’ve learned for meals that week!

Some grocery stores like Publix and Whole Foods offer cooking classes.

And then a quick web search can show you any other options for morning cooking classes near you. Most cooking classes let you eat what you just made, which is sharing a unique meal on your date! Definitely try a cooking class for a morning date one day soon!



Sometimes a morning date is just the thing a couple needs to connect and be together! Morning times are often better in a busy schedule from time to time!

I hope you try one (or all of these) fun ideas for morning dates with your spouse soon!





13 Ideas for Morning Dates that couples will love!

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