How to parent an energetic toddler boy (and enjoy the process)

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how to parent an energetic toddler

Oh, the adventures of parenting an energetic toddler boy!

Since we’ve been on this merry go round many times, I will share some powerful tips on how to parent that dear energetic toddler boy!

Because if you have a toddler boy, chances are that you have an energetic little fellow on your hands!

We have FIVE (yes I did say 5!) boys and the youngest is a toddler right now.  Active might be his middle name.

I’m right here in this again and these 5 tips are game changers!

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how to parent an energetic toddler

All little boys will need this to different degrees! Most active toddler boys love to be wrestled! It’s a high pressure sensory activity for them.

You will find that when a toddler boy has a bit of blow-off-some-steam wrestling time, he calms better and can focus on less wild activities.

Now as women, we rarely ever think to just tickle and wrestle our little guys. Dads are very good at this! I find that moms have to be intentional about it or it won’t cross our minds.

A funny memory that illustrates this need was several years ago when my 10 year old son was 3. This son’s name is Sam and we called him “THE SAM-INATOR” at that age- if you get my drift.

Full speed wildness coming at you!

My husband was out of town for a few days. He usually took time daily to wrestle and tickle Sam. I had not initiated any such time with him.

Well on day 3 of his dad being out of town, Sam had had enough. I was sitting on the floor looking at a book and” THE SAMINATOR” just ran and dive-tackled me with no warning!

We all started laughing at the shock and then I quickly realized he needed to playfully wrestle and was behind on this need with his dad being out of town! So I had a fun time with him!

I made sure to never let a day go by without a few intentional, playful wrestle and tussle moments!!

Any toddler-boy mom is wise to make playfully wrestling her son an intentional part of everyday!

how to parent an energetic toddler boy





how to parent an energetic toddler

This doesn’t mean you should structure out your whole day minute-by-minute or anything.  But I am saying that having an outline in your head for the day’s activities is what parenting an energetic toddler requires!

If you’ve ever felt tired and thought to yourself that you just want a chill day…  so therefore made NO plan…hoping free play would just happen peacefully…..

Then you know exactly why I’m saying moms must have a game plan for the day!!!

Toddler boys left to decide what to do for themselves is not a good recipe:-)

“If you let that boy get bored, you deserve what happens!” say many older moms to many younger moms!

So a game plan would be just a quick minute of thinking through the day and what the big rocks will be. Thinking through activities and errands and when those will happen. Thinking through what toys to make sure to have out etc.

(Check out this post where I share the All-time best most played-with gifts for boys! It has many items that would be so helpful to have on hand.)

One item I didn’t include in that post but that I think is particularly helpful for an energetic toddler boy is a GYM MAT like this one. It is so cool because it just invites that active play which is so good for your toddler boy.

parent an energetic toddler

The GYM MAT is super thick and it is pthlatate and lead FREE which is important! It’s so fun because it allows kids to safely tumble all around while the thick foam cushions them!

And then if I’m telling you how fantastic a gym mat is for a toddler, there’s THIS!!!- this FOAM INCLINE MAT is the awesome icing on the cake for an energetic toddler boy! You’ll thank me later:-)

parent an energetic toddler

Rainy day? No problem. Active play is totally handled indoors!

If you get these, just watch- he will immediately gravitate to them and start doing summersaults without someone having to show him! A gym mat and an incline mat are fabulous items to be able to get out (they fold and store easily) and put right on the den floor so he can have at it!

The more times you include active play like this, the more easily an energetic guy can slow down when it’s time.

If possible, I also think an outing of some sort is helpful as often as you can. It can be a quick walk or bike ride or going to a park. Just putting in that little time getting out sets you all up for a better day once you are home!

So having a GAMEPLAN for the big rocks of your day is definitely a way to parent an energetic toddler boy!





parent an energetic toddler

If there is a time that you get out for some activity, it truly does let that little toddler boy get some of his energy out! I highly recommend getting your son involved in sports when he’s school-age because of the energy burning, skill building, team working benefits!

I know we are talking about younger energetic boys! Ofcourse they aren’t on some team sports yet. But this is a TIP to check on what’s available to you in your city.

Many gymnastics places have tumbling classes for toddlers. These are fabulous for a little guy! Tumbling classes are everything a mom wants them to be!

Also, there are programs for 3 year olds in different sports. SOCCERSHOTS is a program that serves kids age 2-8 all over the United States.  The energetic boys can basically run around kicking a ball while beginning to learn some soccer skills. So fun!

So check out what sports activities are available in your city! It’s SO helpful for a full-speed little guy to know that he has one of these activities regularly!

The pent-up energy is not as powerful when he knows a time is coming!





how to parent an energetic toddler boy

Every toddler boy mom needs to learn the ART of side by side play!

It’s so simple and so effective!

First,  just make a choice to wait a little bit on going to do all that you might want to do. Those things can wait.

Then, just sit down and play with and next to your little man! If he’s into cars, just grab a car too. Or if he’s building blocks, you can watch with full attention and clap for him!

If you have the GYM MAT or INCLINE MAT, you can simply watch and cheer him on!

saucer swing for energetic toddler boy

Outside, you can push him in THIS INCREDIBLE SAUCER SWING! You simply can’t go wrong with this activity for your energetic boy!! It will be fun for him for YEARS!

swing for an energetic toddler boy

(I have to mention THIS GROW WITH ME SWING too as it certainly fits a toddler! All of our boys have loved it and been endlessly entertained by it:-)

how to parent an energetic toddler boy

You can also watch him slide down THIS INDOOR/OUTDOOR SLIDE! Oh my- can I possibly say enough about this slide? Even my boys that are too big come up with all kinds of games on this slide. Endless fun!!

You get the idea!

Do you know what happens when a mom takes a little time and plays side by side with her little man? It fill up her son’s love tank like nothing else!!

Side by side play with an active toddler boy takes much of the wide open crazy and settles it all down as his heart is full and his energy is expired!





parenting a toddler boy

One of my favorite things is to watch how my little boy beams when I say, “W-O-W!!! Mommy is SO proud of you!! You are helping me! I can’t wait to tell Daddy how you have helped me!!!”

Instead of your energetic boy getting into things he shouldn’t when you are doing needed chores like unloading the dishwasher or straightening up, invite him to help! Boys love feeling like they are a help!

Make it fun by making a big deal of it when he participates!

If you are changing a younger sibling’s diaper, ask your toddler boy to bring you the diaper or hand you the wipes! Then celebrate him!

You will see some wild energy has been redirected! It works every time!

Asking your little man to help you with things is a powerful way to parent an energetic toddler boy!


(You may also like a super helpful parenting resource called “Praying Proverbs for My Children“! Download your free copy HERE)

[More about active toddlers at]




Concluding thoughts on parenting your energetic toddler boy:

how to be a good mom to an energetic toddler

Children are such a gift! When you have one that is a toddler, hang on to your hat for it’s a wonderful ride!

My free mini- course called “3 Days of Thriving for Moms” can be a great resource for parents as well! You get an email a day for 3 days with an easy, action step you can take to really bless your relationship with your child(ren) that day. You can sign up below!


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