4 Super Helpful Tips to Keep your Home clean (with kids!)

Written by ElizabethThrives

how to keep your home clean with kids

4 Tips to keep your home clean…with KIDS!!

Doesn’t it just make you feel so great to have a clean house? When you walk down the hall and glance into the bedrooms, doesn’t it just relax you to see things all straight and tidy?

And what about the kitchen? I have this thing where I can’t start making a meal if the kitchen is already a mess. I have to load the dishwasher, wipe down, and sweep and THEN I start making the meal. Basically I want it to be cleaned up before I mess it up.

I might be the only one who does that:-) But suffice it to say, a clean kitchen does wonders for any woman’s peace of mind!

(  HERE.)

But how do you keep your home clean ESPECIALLY WITH KIDS?!

As a mom of five boys, I have learned there is a way to THRIVE in this area!

Here are my BEST TIPS for keeping your home clean with KIDS!

#1st tip to keep your home clean with kids: Get your priorities straight!

how to keep your home clean with kids

This needs to be said first.

Your children are your priority.

There is so very much that comes with being a mom to a child! Everything from feeding them to engaging them in meaningful relationship with you takes TIME.

And if you could be sitting down with your child playing and talking with them for a while, but instead you are always in the next room mopping, doing laundry, sweeping, or running around putting out-of-place things back in their place, then you need to examine your priorities.

I have a friend who said she and her siblings always longed for quality time with their mom, but she was more concerned about making sure there were no dustbunnies under the sofa than to ever just be with them.

My friend pointed out that they could not have cared less if there was a dirty dish in the sink or if the floor needed vacuuming. What they cared about was time with their mom. And sadly, they never had a relationship of any depth with their own mother.

But they did have a clean and tidy house.

Is that worth it? Heavens no!

So let’s get priorities straight.

Having a clean house is nice- yes.

Having a clean house is important- sure.

BUT having a clean house is no where NEAR AS IMPORTANT as the people who live in the house!

You have to keep the desire for a clean house in check without forsaking prioritizing your family. If you are going to err, err on the side of relationships and not on the side of being uptight and obsessive about having a straight house all day.


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#2nd tip to keep your home clean with kids: Make use of the brilliant device called a timer!

how to keep your home clean with kids

I think the little clock with a timer, stop watch, and alarm might be my favorite part of my phone!

You simply have to make use of this! We’ve just talked about not allowing cleaning and straightening to take time away from our more important priority of our kids.

But we still DO need to clean and straighten things right? Enter your new close friend- the TIMER!!

Combine using the TIMER with saying the phrase “REAL QUICK” and you are in business.

(If you don’t have a timer on your phone, a simple one like this is the perfect timer to keep on hand!)

It goes something like this: You walk in the den and you see all the mess that truly needs to be handled. So you set your timer for something like 7 minutes (odd numbers sound better to me in the moment:-) And you announce you are going to straighten the den “real quick“!

Because the timer is going, you feel the urgency and you fly around the room literally running down the hall with hands full as you are putting away this and that. Even if the vacuum needs to finish it off, I bet you could get it and do a speed vacuum before the timer goes off. Ha! Try me.

Now this goes without saying that if you have kids who are old enough to help you, they MUST be asked to do so! Everyone responds well to the timer.  So you let your kids know when the timer starts, and that you all need to have the room perfect in 7 minutes!

It’s fun AND effective!

If I ever have the treat of being home by myself, I always use the timer to clean the house. If I need to do a whole house clean, I will set the alarm for 29 minutes (again- sounds better than 30 right?).

Taking 29 minutes to get the house clean isn’t sacrificing much of my alone time, so it’s a fun motivation. Then I quickly put things away, vacuum, dust, etc. and have fun trying to beat the timer!

Using a timer “real quick” is a fabulous tool to help you keep your home clean with kids!!


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#3rd tip to keep your home clean with kids: Baskets, baskets everywhere!

how to keep your home clean with kids

If you have kids in the house, then you naturally have a million kid THINGS! Toys, accessories, parts of toys, blankets, shoes, toys, gear, art supplies, did I say toys?

I think baskets look great with any style of home decor. If you place some baskets in each room, you have a strategic place to put all the things.

It’s not realistic for kid items to stay in one room. So having a basket for such items in each room looks great and helps everything get straight in a few seconds flat.

These lovely 3 rope baskets are great for a nursery or kids room because of the airy colors and size.

This is a great basket for a shelf and this generously sized basket is fabulous for toys in a living room!

Baskets in each room are great way to help keep your home clean with kids!!




#4th Tip to keep your home clean with kids: Always straighten at night before bedtime!

how to keep your home clean with kids

This is such a simple hack that all moms should use! Every single night, straighten each room “real quick”. If you have a toddler, let it be a super quick part of their night routine. Everyone picks up toys and such and puts them in their place.

Pillows on sofas, blankets folded back on the loveseat or basket. Dishes in dishwasher. Sweep or a “real quick” vacuum. You get the idea!

Two HUGE benefits to this.

  1. You always know that even if your home is a wreck at 2:30 pm, in a few hours, it will be serene and clean.
  2. When you wake up in the morning and walk down the hall into the kitchen or bedrooms, it’s like a clean slate to start the day fresh. It feels amazing!

This way, your home never gets too out of control because you straighten and start over each day!





You can totally do this:-)

It is completely possible to keep your home clean with kids! Enjoy being creative with it, and don’t let yourself get stressed about it.

The people who mess it up are certainly precious, and you will miss their messes one day!






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  1. Lauren

    Yes yes yes!!! The timer is such a great, practical idea! Literally ordering one now! It’s always so daunting to me to think about cleaning my whole house when all the kids are out with Dad on a Saturday, but I will definitely try this timer idea and hopefully feel accomplished and have some mom chill time!🥰

    • Elizabeth Thrives

      Thank you so much for your comment! And yay- the timer totally makes all the difference! Use it “real quick” and mom chill time is preserved:-)

  2. Abriana

    So good! My favorite tip is keeping cute baskets around the living areas for quick and easy storage…I’m totally going to implement that!

    • Elizabeth Thrives

      Thank you so much for your comment! Yes quick and easy storage is a huge help!


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