How to Clean Your Messy House FAST (5 easy steps)

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how to clean your messy house super fast

How to Clean Your Messy House FAST (5 easy steps)

It happens to all of us. It’s just life! Our houses get messy and need to be cleaned. Especially if you’re a mom, you know it doesn’t take long for your home to turn into a big mess. (No worries, there is a way to clean your messy house FAST!)

Cleaning your house doesn’t need to cause stress. I was so glad when I finally got this in my head: Busy lives are here to stay. So is the NEED to clean my house.

Therefore, it was SO helpful when I really understood and embraced that cleaning doesn’t have to take long at all.

I am going to show you how to clean your messy house super FAST!!

Then you’ll see it’s not a big deal to clean it up so you can enjoy the Ahhhhh. Nice. My-home-is-sparkling-clean kind of joy!

I think the BEST WAY to get the clean home you want is to do it in a way that does not take much time. The best way to clean your house is to clean the whole house super fast, so that you can get to all the other important things and move on!

Once you see how easy and quick cleaning your house can be, you may want to have a cleaning schedule where you do this 5 step guide once a week!

The first step is just to do a little bit of prep work. After you do this one time, you can just hit the ground running when it’s time to clean your home fast!

(  HERE.)


First, let’s quickly gather the cleaning products you will need. If you get these supplies and store them in a caddy, you save all kinds of time right there.

cleaning supply caddy for clean home fast

Instead of getting one cleaner out from under the kitchen, and another from the bathroom, then wondering where the cleaning cloths got put last time, etc, you just grab this perfectly sized and durable caddy first thing, and get to business.

You store all the cleaning supplies right here together! It’s simple, but many people don’t utilize this caddy idea. Once you get all your cleaning products in one grab-and-go place, you will be so glad you did!

As for what cleaning supplies you need, here are the 6 simple supplies to have on hand to help clean up your messy house fast!

microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths are so great for all surfaces! You can clean windows, counters, bathrooms, etc with these microfiber cloths.

These little things make me so happy. It’s so helpful that you can wash, dry, and reuse a microfiber cloth several times. So they are definitely a must-have cleaning supply!


PRO TIP: Now is a good time to stress that We don’t want to be inhaling harmful chemicals in our homes. You don’t want to inhale chemicals and if you have children, you definitely don’t want toxins entering their little bodies.

So it is so important that you use great cleaning supplies that are NON-TOXIC.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day multi surface spray is one of my favorites because it smells great, cleans beautifully, and it is safe to breathe in as you are using it!

I like an all purpose cleaner on most things because it helps you clean super fast.  You can just use an all purpose cleaner in the bathroom, the kitchen, and anywhere else a surface needs to be cleaned. I like that simplicity!

homemade all purpose cleaner

A homemade option that is another favorite is a mixture of 50% Dawn dish detergent and 50% white vinegar. Why? Because it’s so effective! Every surface gets sparkling clean plus it really tackles soap scum in the bathroom.

cleaning supplies

You just get a quality spray bottle like this. Fill it with half dawn dish detergent and half white vinegar . Shake it up and you are set!

Only downside is the vinegar type smell which does go away quickly, but I feel you! If you want lovely lavendar smell, then go with the Mrs. Meyers multi purpose cleaner!


You do need a separate window or glass cleaner because they specialize in no streaks on windows or mirrors.

(Again ammonia-based cleaners are quite dangerous getting on your skin or inhaling them. Thankfully nontoxic ammonia free window cleaners are out there and they work just as well!)

Mrs. Myers again for the win!


dusting spray to clean house fast

Staying with the clean and non toxic options- this dusting spray will help your wooden furniture look perfect!


laundry basket to clean house fast

You need a laundry basket to pile any dirty clothes and towels and your make your way around the house in quick fashion!


rubber gloves for cleaning supplies

And finally to look at the part and to protect your delicate hands, it’s a great idea to wear gloves and these traditional yellow gloves do just that! Definitely a helpful cleaning supply to have on hand.

And just put a trash bag or two in your caddie so you can quickly empty trash cans as you go!


2nd- Make sure you have GREAT CLEANING TOOLS!

If you have a few quality cleaning tools, boy does it make this whole clean house thing a breeze! My goodness, these take the hassle out of cleaning for sure.

dyson stick vacuum to clean house fast-forward

Oh my. If you know anyone that has one of these, they all say the same thing.

“How did I live so long without this?!”

Dyson’s powerful battery charge allows you to use this on all floor surfaces. You just bee-bop all over the house without stopping to plug and drag a heavy vacuum.

It works SO WELL.

It’s just so easy to use and will make your cleaning time an absolute breeze!

The only downside is the higher price point. (Still, I think the quality makes it worth it!)


But other companies have made battery powered stick vacuums, too, at a lower price point.

This Eureka one has been vouched for by people I know as well. The battery may not hold up as long and strong as the Dyson, but you weigh that out when you get the lower price point.

Either way a stick vacuum is the way to go!


  • Mop(s)

It’s definitely a great idea to get a good mop or two depending on your flooring.

A mop for hardwoods:

o cedar mop to clean house fast

If you have any hardwood floors in your home, the Oh Cedars hardwood floor mop is highly recommended!

It’s super easy to put the cloth mops on the mop and to wash and dry them when you’re done! They’re soft and gentle and super absorbent for cleaning and protecting your hardwood floors.


A mop for tile and laminate floors:

o cedars mop for cleaning house fast

And then the Oh Cedars microfiber mop is the one to use for tile and laminate flooring that you may have in different rooms of your house!

The design of the bucket and the mop is super easy to use and again washable!

Once you have your cleaning supplies and your cleaning tools, you are ready for your lightning fast cleaning time!



use a time to clean house fast

You have to see what a huge help this is! I always grab my phone and just use the timer app. But it can also be a good idea to buy a stand alone timer such as this digital timer.

This is how you use a timer to help you clean your house FAST: When you go into the room that you want to clean, you make a guess at how long it would take you to clean it if you were moving really fast.

Somewhere in the 10 to 20 minute range is a great fast goal! But you know the room so you make your guess on a great fast time. Then you type that amount of time into the timer. And it’s go time!

If you can stand in the doorway of a room and think, “Wow- in 15 minutes, this messy room is going to be clean and straight!”

Would that not feel great? There is something about the timer that makes it feel so doable because you realize making a tidy home just isn’t going to take that long.



The rooms do not have to be in this order, but here’s how I like to do it as an example.


clean kitchen fast dishes

With a pep in your step, because remember the clock is ticking, do these steps in the kitchen:

  • Start with the dirty dishes! Whatever that means for you based on your kitchen: Load and unload the dishwasher or quickly wash the dishes. Put away the clean dishes.
  • Put away any food or items that need to put away.
  • Using your all purpose cleaner of choice, spray the countertops and table. Then, quickly wipe all the surfaces down.
  • Wipe down the appliances as well.
  • Next it’s sweep or vacuum time! (Hopefully you have the Dyson stick vacuum but either way, sweep or vacuum the kitchen floor).
  • Finally, you quickly mop the kitchen floor. Put the chairs on top of the table. Then depending on what your flooring is, use the appropriate mop and cleaning supplies mentioned above!

Voilà! Now you have a clean kitchen in only minutes time!





clean bathroom quickly

Grab your caddy and let’s move to the bathroom.

*Remember to set your timer for estimate that is fast and doable! It’s pretty cool how when you set your TIME GOAL, it really helps you to clean the room in that amount of time (or super close to it)!

Depending on the size of your bathroom(s), maybe you could clean them in 15 minutes each.

The bathroom is where I like to use the Dawn dish detergent/white vinegar solution. Either way, grab your multipurpose cleaner!

  • First grab any hand towels and washable rugs and put in a laundry basket to wash.
  • The next step is to spray the bath, shower, inside of the toilet, sink, and countertops.
  • Let them soak while you empty the trash. Wipe mirror with glass cleaner.
  • Then with your microfiber cloth, quickly wipe down each of those surfaces and rinse. (You can use a seperate toilet brush and cleaner but I find that the dawn/vinegar solution cleans a toilet so well)
  • Next, do a quick sweep or vacuum.
  • Place clean hand towels where you removed dirty ones.
  • Finish with a quick mop!

All done with the bathroom(s)!




make beds to clean home fast

This includes the den, living room, dining room, bedrooms, and so on.

  • First, set new time goal and plug that in to your timer before starting each room! Have fun trying to beat the clock!
  • Declutter-  in a dash, put it all away! Don’t be scared to kind of run as you do this! Put shoes were they go, put clothes in the dirty laundry basket, put books and toys away in their proper place
  • Get your microfiber cloth and dust all flat surfaces. You want dust before vacuuming because it adds to any dirt and dust on the floor.
  • Make bed(s) as neatly and quickly as you can
  • Finally, quickly vacuum or sweep the room depending on the floor.

Just keep this pattern up for the next room until you have cleaned the rest of your house!




5th- Finish with a Load of Laundry!

load of laundry to clean house fast

You’ve filled a laundry basket with a pile of towels, wash cloths, rugs, and any dirty clothes as you’ve cleaned room by room.

Now, just run that over to the laundry room and start a load in the washing machine!

[The perfect way to avoid piles of laundry overwhelming you is in this post: Laundry Made Easier (5 Game changers)]

Once you do that, guess what?

YOU ARE DONE! Great job! And look at your clean and tidy house!

It’s no longer messy! Your entire house is clean and straight and beautiful!  And it did not take you long at all.


Concluding thoughts on how to clean your messy house fast…

We all end up with a messy home on a regular basis. And most of us all feel so much better when our house is clean and tidy. It is great news that you can take just a little bit of focused time and completely clean your home!

Once you see how fast and doable it is, you won’t feel the messy-house-overwhelm! Because you know you can clean it up pretty quickly and easily. Plus if you employ family members to help. it can take even less time! Let me know how it goes!





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