How moms can spend less time on their phones

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how moms can spend less time on their phones

Most moms feel that they spend too much time on their phone.  I have definitely gone through times where I feel like it’s been too much. Thankfully there are many things we can do to fix this problem! Let’s look at some super helpful ways moms can spend LESS time on their phones!

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1- Change up your morning routine!

For so many of us, our phone is the last thing we look at before bed and the first thing we look at in the morning. Just changing up this one thing makes a huge difference!

Make a commitment to start your morning reading something like the Bible (more in ways a busy mom can find time to read and pray) or exercising or doing some other productive thing!

Using this journaling Bible first thing can prove to be a far more delightful start to the day!

We can think of it as giving the very first minutes of our day to things that really matter. Email, texts, social media can all wait until later. Try it and you’ll see how great it feels to have a phone-less morning routine!

2- The power of a timer!

The timer on a phone may be my favorite part! I use it for so many things (such as keeping my house clean!) When you are picking up your phone to use it, first hop over to the timer and set it to an appropriate amount of time.

Then, when the timer goes off, just stop whatever you are doing or looking at. Simply say, “That’s enough!” And move on!

You will be amazed how quickly the time goes by, which shows how easy it is to get sucked in to so many different things on your phone. The timer is the perfect boundary helping moms spend less time on their phones!

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3- Delete apps you are most drawn to!

You know the apps that you specifically go to the most. Those are often social media apps, but whatever they are, it definitely helps tremendously to just delete them from your phone. Then when you would be picking up your phone to look at one, it’s just not there.

You know what happens then? You don’t have anything to do on it and you usually put your phone down! It has worked for me to delete apps for sure.

If you feel like you really need a certain app on your phone that also happens to distract you, you can try to move the app to the back app page of your phone and put it in a folder on your screen.  So it’s out of sight and also really little on your screen! This is a huge way moms can spend less time on their phones!

4- Keep phone in a designated area!

This works no matter where you spend the bulk of your days. For me, I’m at my home during the day homeschooling my kids and such. If I choose to leave my phone in another room in a delightful box like this, I am not going to get distracted responding to texts or emails and then getting sucked in to spending time on my phone.

If you work outside the home, just putting your phone in a drawer or in your purse out of sight is a big help!

Many people KEEP their phones in a designated area all day. Keeping your phone box on a wooden table stand like this in a corner is great because it requires YOU to STAND to use it. You spend less time looking at your phone than if your designated phone space is next to a cozy chair that you could just sit and spend more time in!

5- Have “no phone” spaces and times as a family!

You’ve seen the couple or the family out at a restaurant all looking at their phones. No talking, just people at the same table in their own little worlds on their phones. It always seems so sad to see! But that’s any of us if our phones are sitting right there. It’s just too easy to pick it up and use it to do any number of things!

Having this boundary for adults and kids alike makes a glorious difference. No phones in the kitchen (or restaurant) for meals encourages CONVERSATION, connection, and interaction!

Some families have no phones for a few hours on certain days- like Sunday afternoons. While it sounds hard at first, everyone is usually in agreement that it was nice to be unplugged for awhile.

Having a “no phone” rule for meals makes a big statement to our family- that they are valuable to us and worthy of our undivided attention. Definitely apply the the “no phone” rule at different times and places and you will reap the benefits!

6- Make a simple change to your photo routine!

Some moms take constant photos and argue that they need their phone at all times to be able to take as many pictures as they want to take!

Moderation is best in this as well, because constantly taking pictures is a sure fire way to have your phone in your face all day!

This simple change can really help: when you go on an outing, just stop and take 1 good pic. Then you have it forever! If you want to capture a certain activity at home, just make an effort to take 1 good picture of it. Then you can just put up your phone knowing you have captured the memory but that you don’t have to take 200 pictures!

We went to the zoo right after I heard this tip. Right when we walked into the zoo, I pulled my people aside and got a great pic. Then I put my phone away and enjoyed the time with my family while having a wonderful memory captured!

7- Consider how your time on your phone affects you and your kids!

If mom is absorbed in her phone, how do your kids usually respond? Most kids usually start to go a little wild trying to get some attention. I’ve been guilty of then snapping at my kids when they’ve interrupted me. All of that adds up to undesirable interactions.

Plus consider what it models for them- that you just “check out” and put a screen in front of your face. – That’s not a good thing at all to model for our kids.

Kids’ addiction to phones is a huge problem and we can help them have a healthy balance by making steps to keep things in check in our own lives. (This printable list of 35 productive Things Kids Can Do When Bored can be a huge help for kids!)

Moms of babies sometimes get in a yuck pattern of constant phone usage because they look at it while feeding the baby. I encourage you to use that precious time in other ways! Babies do see and ingest what is happening at younger ages than we think. Plus you are forming a habit that is harder to break when you see how all that time on your phone is affecting you and your little one(s) negatively.

In conclusion…

Habits CAN be broken! If you see that your phone usage is too much, try these steps that show how moms can spend LESS time on their phones! You will see that you can definitely get to a place where you use your phone in a healthy way!



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