How a super busy mom can lose weight!

Written by ElizabethThrives

how a busy mom can lose weight


If you’re a super busy mom and you need to lose some weight, you probably wonder how in the world you can pull it off!

You may not remember the last time you even had a personal thought much less had the capacity to really focus on what you are eating and not eating!

I think I have great news for you! Super busy moms can DEFINITELY lose weight!

(  HERE.)

Does it happen over night? No. Can huge changes be made in just one month? Ohhhhh yes.

My experience as a busy mom losing the weight I needed to lose!

When I had each of my 5 children, I wasn’t one of those post-partum moms who lost the weight easily AT ALL. It took major effort each time.

The weight I gained with my last pregnancy was the most stubborn. I felt so frustrated by not being able to fit in my clothes long after I could claim it as “baby weight”.

Every time I would start a new plan or health goal, I just couldn’t seem to stick with it and see results. Then I was right back where I started once again.

What helped me finally turn the corner, was implementing a plan that is a combination of all I’ve learned over the last 16 years helping others and myself!

I figured out how to get this stubborn weight off AND how to consistently eat healthy, all in the context of a super busy life!

Why did I write THRIVING thru NUTRITION?

Because of my experience, I wanted to write what I did in a step by step guide for other women in the same place!

I wrote a 30 day plan that is crafted for the super busy mom!

I don’t want busy moms to think they have to accept that they can’t lose needed weight- that they can’t feel energetic and great.  I don’t want anyone to think they simply can’t get healthy because it’s too much work to figure out or they’d feel hungry all the time!

That’s why I’m SO excited to share Thriving With Nutrition with others! It’s everything a super busy mom needs to get healthy, lose weight (if needed), and actually stick with it!


What exactly is the Thriving thru nutrition plan you speak of?

The Thriving thru Nutrition plan is in an ebook form. It lays out a super clear 30 day plan of eating!

The recipes are super good for you while being simple, easy, and fast because I know you don’t have time to be in the kitchen for long!

Here’s the breakdown of all that is included:

  • A clear and doable 30 day eating plan crafted for busy women who want to get healthy and/or lose weight
  • All the tips and tricks you need to succeed!
  • Oh-so-yummy protein smoothie recipes!
  • Filling and energizing snack options!
  • Delicious, healthy, & easy meal recipes (gluten free, sugar free, & optional small amount of dairy)!
  • Emails every other day designed to support and inspire you!
  • Recommendations for helpful resources!

A super, busy mom with so many other responsibilites can follow this plan and drop needed weight!

Maybe my favorite part of helping busy moms get healthy and lose weight?

One of my favorite parts about this ebook is the every-other-day emails that come with it!

The emails are the tool to help with stick-it-out- ability! I wrote emails that are everything I needed to hear on day 1 and day 5 and day 25! They are full of inspiration and encouragement!

The ebook is all about how to nourish our BODY well, while the emails highlight encouragement for our SOULS as well! All to help you THRIVE not only physically but spiritually too!

busy moms can lose weight

Can a super busy mom lose weight in the craziness of her life?

Yes you absolutely can! Even if you are crazy busy caring for everyone around you.

You have it within yourself to care for YOU, and you have it within yourself to SUCCEED at losing weight.

I believe in you!

You can read more about the ebook plan HERE.

A 3 day Jumpstart is also a great way to start losing weight fast!

The 3 Day Healthy Weight Loss Reset is a super effective 3 day plan to get you losing 3-5 lbs in just 3 days without ever having to think about what to eat! This is great to do before an upcoming event or as a jumpstart to the THRIVING thru NUTRITION 30 day plan!

READ MORE- 3 Day Healthy Weight Loss Reset for busy women!

Or just sign up for free 3 day plan right here!

SIGN ME UP for the FREE 3 Day Healthy Weight Loss Reset!


These resources can be a huge help to get you losing weight, feeling amazing, and eating healthy consistently!

Also if you want to be blessed by not only thriving in the area of nutrition, but thriving in your marriage and parenting, these are very special FREE 3 day mini courses I think you will love! Read more here:




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