A homeschool morning routine that will have everyone THRIVING!

Written by Elizabeth Thrives

Feb 18, 2021
homeschool morning routine

Most parents who homeschool see the HUGE need for a GREAT homeschool morning routine! You may be a homeschooling family by choice or you may be a homeschooling family by necessity in a pandemic! Either way this morning routine will have you AND your kids THRIVING at the start of the day!

I’ve been a homeschool mom for several years and we’ve certainly experimented with different morning routines. Do we carry this one out perfectly everyday? No. Holidays, sick days, and other interruptions happen that throw us off.

But each time we’ve gotten off this routine for those reasons, we just go right back to it easily when things are back to normal. Usually the night before, we will gather around and all agree that tomorrow, we are back to our wonderful homeschool morning routine!

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I know kids and parents have all kinds of different personalities, but one thing seems to ring true for all personality types. People tend to THRIVE with some sort of structure to their day.

This homeschool morning routine provides structure while also being flexible for different personality types of parents and children!

Here it is in the order that works for us!

First- Devotion Time!

homeschool morning routine

This devotion time is kids having individual devotions. If your child can read, you can get them a devotion book and Bible appropriate for their reading level (such as one of these quality devotion books). Then you can teach them the habit of starting the day with a devotional time in God’s Word.

You can sit with individual kids and model reading and asking questions and praying. Soon they will be enjoying devotions themselves when you aren’t sitting there!

We keep all our Bibles and devotion books in a book basket like this. This makes it easy to grab and go sit wherever we choose. Every morning, it’s such a GREAT way to start the day for everyone to sit with their Bible and devotion book and take a few minutes of quiet time!

Second- Exercise!

homeschool morning routine

Now we get everyone moving! Exercise is such a great part of the homeschool morning routine! Exercise helps rally their energy! It improves ability to focus as well as the keeping their bodies healthy and strong!

We’ve implemented this a few different ways. At first, my husband and I made up different exercise routines and wrote them on a chart in a prominent place. Then they just looked at the chart for what to do that day. We would have a cardio portion like jogging, riding a bike, jump rope, plus core work such as sit ups, push ups, pull ups, and planks.

After they got the hang of working out, it was fun to give our kids some ownership in exercise. Now, they make THEIR OWN plan for the week and carry it out. Then we talk on Sunday night about how that went and if they want to change it up etc. They seem to enjoy it more when they thought up the routine themselves.

And it doesn’t have to be made up on their own. My kids often use a quality trampoline like this to do a trampoline workout online.  And they like to use our Skillz agility ladder to do an online workout as well!

Kids usually come up with a big variety of exercises. We are always encouraging them to push themselves and work hard at their workouts!

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Third- Now Let’s Eat!

homeschool morning routine

Breakfast! Some people prefer to eat breakfast before exercising in their homeschool morning routine- so just whatever works!

For Mom to THRIVE with everyone, it’s great if this can be somewhat independent as well! Teaching kids to cook their own breakfast as soon as they can learn is a fabulous help!

I try to make sure there are lots of options available that they can make themselves. I think it’s important that the options are healthy and not full of sugar and preservatives.

Those processed foods are so detrimental to their bodies! We are kidding ourselves if we think eating unhealthy foods has no effect on our children’s health, behavior, and focus in school!

So for my large and always-hungry crew, I try to have healthy cereals galore, fresh fruit, frozen whole grain waffles, and all the fixings to make a delicious protein smoothie such as healthy protein shake mix, frozen fruits, almond milk, and nut butters! (Arbonne Protein’s vegan shake mix provides a complete amino acid profile, no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and oh my! It is delicious!)

Then if I ever do make something like turkey (or venison) sausage balls, pancakes, waffles, muffins, etc. I make EXTRA and freeze it so they can just heat it up easily and voila! Breakfast is served!

Fourth- Skill Development!

One of my FAVORITE things about homeschooling is the time freedom it allows!! I could go on and on about that! As far as skill development, homeschool mornings are simply the PERFECT time to invest a small chunk of time in some area of growth.

This could be practicing a musical instrument, an artistic skill, doing some type of sports drills, etc! I have found that BEFORE school is the best time because the afternoon can change for different reasons and also because kids are usually “done” with whatever they consider to be “work” later in the day!

It doesn’t have to be long, just 20 minutes a day working on a skill adds up to HUGE growth in their lives!

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Fifth- Start on Independent School Work!

homeschool morning routine

When everyone knows the routine and is flowing through the steps above, I have been exercising and caring for younger children, doing laundry, etc. So it really helps me finish up all I want to do, for my kids to start school with the work that they can do independently.

Then when I come into the homeschool room, they are already productive and I can just check their work and move to the subjects that they need me right there to do!

In conclusion…

We have tried many homeschool morning routines over the years, but this one is the winner! We have THRIVED doing this for the last few years! There are many mornings that I’m reminding my kids that now it’s exercise time, or musical instrument practice time, etc. But overall, they know the routine and enjoy doing each of the steps to start their day!

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