Healthy Weight Loss Reset for busy women in just 3 days

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Busy women can definitely lose weight in just 3 days!

That’s good news, because if you need to lose weight, I tend to think that if you can see some RESULTS for your effort right out of the gate, it motivates you to continue on to meet your goals!

This 3 Day Healthy Weight Loss Reset for busy women is a super fun 3 days that gives those encouraging results we all want!

For instance, if you can see your belly visibly go down or flatten, and/or if you can see the scale decrease a few pounds in something like 3 days, it sure is encouraging and inspiring, right?


The helpful ways of the 3 Day Healthy weight loss reset for busy women!

Sometimes you have an event or a special date coming up that week, and losing some weight or inches would give you that confidence you need!

There are also times when you do need to work on eating healthier and losing weight and a focused and short 3 days becomes a jumpstart that motivates you to continue on for longer to meet your goals!

And then- there’s the sugar and carb cravings that can just make you feel so yuck and stuck! This 3 day plan is a fabulous way to stop the sugar and carb craving cycle and reset your body!


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The power of just 3 days!

I have experienced times of needing to lose weight, times of needing the extra push before an upcoming event, and times of craving and eating too much sugar and carbs!

In those times, this 3 day healthy weight loss reset for busy women is a GAME CHANGER!

Taking just 3 short days to follow this thorough plan is so doable! You know why? You can do ANYTHING for 3 days!

Plus this isn’t some food deprivation thing. You actually eat 3 nutritious meals and 2 snacks each day! Eating healthy like this sure makes you feel great and energetic too. Icing on the cake!


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What you get with the 3 day healthy weight loss reset for busy women:

  •  a COMPLETE PLAN for 3 meals and 2 snacks for the 3 days!
  • delicious RECIPES for each of the meals!
  • an EMAIL A DAY FOR 3 DAYS that includes a daily yummy smoothie recipe PLUS a super helpful tip for the day to maximize results!
  • all crafted for SUPER BUSY WOMEN who need a HEALTHY DOABLE plan that WORKS!


How much does the 3 Day Healthy Weight Loss Reset cost? It’s absolutely FREE!

Is this a 3 day deprivation type thing where I’ll be starving and “hangry”? No, those simply don’t work. This 3 day plan has you eating 5 times a day! It’s not about depriving yourself but it’s about WHAT you eat for the 3 days. Nutrient dense and delicious food that will have you feeling great!

Are you saying all I need to do is a 3 day plan and I’ll lose all the weight I need? It depends on how much weight you need to lose- the 3 day Healthy Weight Loss Reset is a fabulous reset- getting you off sugar and carb cravings. Women usually lose weight eating like this and if they want to continue after 3 days to lose more weight, they do! This plan gets you seeing RESULTS which then inspires you to keep going if you have more weight to lose!

Can I do this plan if I’m currently breastfeeding? Breastfeeding mothers may need to add an extra small meal to the day if they notice their milk supply dip! The foods are great for nursing babies but you simply may need a few more calories. And of course asking your doctor first is a great idea!

If I end up liking the 3 day plan, is there a plan for those who want to continue with something similar for longer than 3 days? Yes! I have a 30day plan that is a great companion to this! The THRIVING thru NUTRITION plan is something you can easily do for 30 days! It is the perfect complement to this 3 day jumpstart!  It’s also different in ways such as a later dinner time and not always 2 shakes a day! You can read more about it HERE!


Read more about how you can lose 3-5 lbs in just 3 days without ever having to think about what to eat!


READ MORE 3 Day Healthy Weight Loss Reset for busy women!

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Concluding thoughts on the 3 Day Healthy Weight Loss Reset…


There’s really nothing BUT GREAT THINGS to say about taking 3 short days to focus on eating healthy and losing weight if needed!

You may also like to learn about the 30 day THRIVING thru NUTRITION plan! It’s a super helpful 30 day plan for busy women!

So be encouraged! Losing weight is definitely doable even when life is crazy.


Busy women can lose weight in a healthy way in just 3 days! 

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