21 FUN Fall Activities for TEENS (Absolute BEST things to do in Autumn in 2021)

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fun fall activities for teens

21 FUN Fall Activities for TEENS (Absolute BEST things to do in Autumn in 2021)

Don’t you just love the fall season? The beauty and the crisp air add up to the perfect time for so many fun fall activities for teens!

As a mom, I enjoy helping my teens make the most of each season! Having this fall bucket list of fun things to do for teens will help your teenager have a wonderful autumn season!

These activities are not only fun ways for teens to enjoy the season, but they are also things the whole family can do, too! In fact, doing some of these fall ideas are a perfect way to spend quality time with your teen!

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fun fall activities for teens

What says the FALL SEASON more than a corn maze? Corn stalks are drying out in the autumn and therefore the perfect time for a corn maze! Teens trying to find their way out of a corn maze is so much fun! A quick google search can show you any local corn mazes near you!

Have your teen invite some friends and they will greatly enjoy making fall memories at a corn maze!


fun fall activities for teens

Encouraging your teen to get involved at a youth group at your local church is a great way for your teen to build solid friendships and grow in their faith. In the fall, youth groups often have many of these fall bucket list items going on for the teens!

So check out what your church has going on this fall and get involved!


fall bonfire for teens

I don’t know what it is about a fire that takes a moment from ordinary to extraordinary, but a BONFIRE for teens is an absolute win! Teenagers love to spend time by a fire on a crisp fall night either just sitting and talking or even playing a night game like Capture the Flag.

Teen birthday get togethers in the fall usually involve a bonfire for my boys! If you have a little land where you can stack up all the branches and debris, great!

Or if you don’t have land, but you have a friend who does, you can always ask if you can bring a few friends to have a little fall bonfire memory making time! Also a firepit in the backyard works great too!


Since it usually feels so nice outside in the fall, simply going to a local park is a great way to make some fall memories with your teen! We recently went to a park that has a field and had family game of “2 Man Touch Football”. It was fun and bonding for the whole family!

If football isn’t your teen’s thing,

  • take a nature walk around a park,
  • or bring rackets and a tennis ball and play tennis (whether good at it or not),
  • or even have a throw-back to the little years by swinging on the swings together!

Many local parks often have food trucks for people who are out enjoying the lovely fall weather!


fall hayride for teens

Are you ever too old for a hay ride? I think not!

If you combine a hay ride and a bonfire, you may just have the perfect fall night for a teen! Again it’s a great idea to ask someone who has some land or check for local places that offer hay rides in the fall.

Letting your teenager take along some friends makes for a super fun fall activity!


fun fall activities for teens

A truly perfect fall game for teens to play is ultimate frisbee! It’s inspired by the American game of football. And football and the fall season go hand in hand!

Ultimate frisbee is sure to be one of your teen’s favorite fall outdoor activities!

It does take a group to play but I have found that teenagers respond to an ultimate frisbee invite! It never seems to be hard to assemble a group to play!

fun fall activities for teens

Ultimate frisbee is easy to learn and all you need is a quality frisbee like this Discraft frisbee! This frisbee has taken a beating with my teenagers playing with it! Yet, it has always held up perfectly!

Many teenagers enjoy a weekly ultimate frisbee game in the fall with friends!




fall scavenger hunt for teens

This can be a great way to kick off the change in season to the wonderful fall weather! A fall scavenger hunt can be made up by the parent or your teen can help you think of the fall inspired items to hunt for!

You can tailor for the personalities of your teen and his/her friends! One way that works for most teens is for them to take a picture of each item with their phone as they find it!

Some popular fall inspired scavenger hunt ideas to find are

  • 3 pine cones
  • an orange pumpkin
  • a white pumpkin
  • someone wearing a scarf
  • a fall inspired dessert
  • a tree with yellow leaves
  • a flannel shirt
  • an acorn
  • a hay bale

Or you can award points for each item. And then when a group finds more difficult items (such as the biggest pumpkin), they can earn even more points. The possibilities are many!


fun fall activities for teens

Again as the lovely fall weather allows, letting your teen have some friends over for a “fall party” is a super fun idea!

This could be as simple as setting up a table outdoors with fall snacks like apple crisp, pumpkin pie, and hot apple cider!

You could have a bonfire as mentioned in #4, or a firepit. String up some festive outdoor lights like these perfect ones!

fun fall activities for teens

Plus, teens always like to play games! Have some flashlights for games or glow in the dark football or soccer ball to have some friendly competition!


fun fall activities for teens

A super fun and great way to enjoy the cooler fall weather is to spend a night or two in the great outdoors! Camping is a great way to get away from the craziness of a busy life and unplug for a little while.

This is a need in most teens’ lives (and us adults too!) You can find a state park and enjoy exploring in the daytime and relaxing by the fire at night! Camping is sure to make memories your teen will always treasure!

If I had to pick one piece of camping gear you don’t want to skimp on, I would say it’s a sleeping bag! You can get away with any tent really or camper. But you want a sleeping bag that will keep you warm if needed and not too heavy and hot if it’s more mild.

A down sleeping bag is the ANSWER! Our down sleeping bags have lasted over 20 years so far and still counting. I always look forward to getting to use my down sleeping bag and your teen will be able to keep and use it for life!

fun fall activities for teens

REI.com is where you can find a down sleeping bag that you can count on being high quality and long lasting.

Camping is such a fun way for a teen to enjoy fall! Camping is always a great memory maker!


fun fall activities for teens

As it gets cooler in the fall, indoor activities are good too! Escape rooms are expecially fun for teens because they are old enough to enjoy using problem solving skills while having fun trying to win the game of it!

If you aren’t familiar with escape rooms, they are a 60 minute experience with a group of people. You choose the theme of your room from pirate ships to castles to prison cells!

The goal is to escape the room before the 60 minute mark. You do this by solving a series of puzzles and questions.

Participants have to use observation skills and all kinds of cognitive wits to get it done. Such a fun fall activity for teens!

Look for a local escape room near you! I am sure they are using covid precautions, but you can always verify that to make sure too!


fall activities for teens

Some teens love to do crafty things, right? Leaf rubbings are a quick fall craft that can actually make nice artwork!

A special hot drink such as pumpkin spice lattes will take this fall craft time to another level! Maybe grab the latte at a local coffee shop first.

Then stop at a leaf pile in a park or your yard and pick some leaves out!

Once you have some different fall leaves, all you need is some white sulphite paper and crayons!

  1. Take the papers off crayons.
  2. Place a leave underneath the paper.
  3. Turn your crayon on it’s side and rub over the leave with some pressure.

Then voila! You have a pretty symbol of the autumn season!


fun fall activities for teens

It does teens alot of good to be outside enjoying God’s creation! Hiking in the fall is great way to do that!

Just scout out a couple of hiking options near you and let your teen pick which one. Friends coming along makes this even more fun!


Teens definitely have fun with both of these as they launch food into the air! They can make a homemade marshmallow launcher for a little simple craft time!

fun fall activities for teens

Or teens can have fun shooting marshmallows further with this marshmallow launcher!

One of my teenage sons made this potato launcher and it never fails to entertain his friends! It truly shoots FAR and brings on the laughs for sure! The process of making and firing a marshmallow or potato launcher is definitely a fun fall activity!


fall sunday drive for teens

The colors of fall in God’s creation are quite a sight to see! Why not take a Sunday drive and just behold God’s beauty outdoors?

Taking a scenic drive can be a great time to have some quality time and conversation with your teen too!

My boys also love to stop and take pictures along the way! Plus stopping for a fall inspired treat or drink makes it special too!


friday night football for teens

Teens at a Friday night highschool football game equals the perfect fun fall activity!

The game, the band, the cheering crowd is tons of fun for teens! Make this your Friday night activity and your teenager will have a blast!

16. Amusement Park!

Many teenagers find that visiting an amusement park in the fall is their favorite time of year to go! It’s pleasant when you have to stand in line instead of being blazing hot!

Roller coasters and tons of other fun activities are a plenty at an amusement park!


fun fall activities for teens

Fall is when apples ripen and are ready to be harvested! Many apple orchards let people come out and pick apples which makes for a perfect fall day!

Some apple orchards have apple cider and other apple products available too! It’s a fun fall trip for teens to drive to an apple orchard nearby and experience picking a bushel of apples together!

In the U.S.A., you can find an apple orchard near you at PICKYOUROWN.ORG.


fun fall activities for teens

A super fun outdoor activity for teens on a fall day is skeet shooting!

A teenager is certainly old enough to learn how to handle the shotgun used to shoot the clay targets. With responsible adults present, this can be a lot of fun helping teens to learn aim and precision.

The clay shells are very inexpensive and can be purchased at an outdoor supply store. Otherwise you can find a place that offers skeet shooting and go there!


fun fall activities for teens

What provides exercise for teens while delivering a great time? Mountain biking!

Mountain biking trails are just beautiful in the fall. And teens can go mountain biking on a trail for hours and have such a fun time!

A good mountain bike is a fabulous gift for a teen. A quality mountain bike is something that can help keep teens stay in shape while developing their skills.

fun fall activities for teens

This Co-op Cycles ADV 2.1 Bike is one your teen could keep for life and enjoy for many bike rides not only in the fall!

Search out any mountain biking trails in your area and encourage your teenager to get out and enjoy mountain biking this fall!


fun fall activities for teenagers

You may think a pumpkin patch is for younger kids, but teens also find visiting a pumpkin patch a fun fall acitivity too! Especially if they have some friends with them!

Not much feels more like fall than a pumpkin patch!

Most of the time you have the opportunity to go home with a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch, and teens can certainly enjoy some advanced pumpkin carving once home!


disc golf in the fall for teens

Now disc golf is a really fun hobby sport for teens! Going in the summer can be so hot, but playing disc golf in the crisp fall air is a joy!

Most communities have disc golf courses, and they are usually totally free to use.

Encourage your teen take some friends to play disc golf in the fall and they will have a blast!

All you need are some discs and you’re good to go!

fun fall activities for teens

You can get a disc golf starter set like this and it’s perfect! Then if your teen gets more interested in perfecting his or her game, you can buy individual discs that perform even better.

Do a web search to see where the disc golf courses near you are and send your teen to try one out!

They will love enjoying an autumn day and friends while competing (& probably laughing a lot!)


Watching a child grow into a teenager is crazy fast. But it seems like the teenage years go EVEN FASTER! That’s why making memories with and for your teens is so important!

I hope these 21 fun fall activities give you and your teen some great ideas to make this fall season their best yet!





21 FUN Fall Activities for TEENS (Absolute BEST things to do in Autumn in 2021)

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