4 Ways to Fit in Exercise for the Busy Mom (you can do this!)

Written by ElizabethThrives

ways to fit in exercise for the busy mom

4 doable ways to fit in exercise for the busy mom!

Do you wonder how in the world a busy mom can fit in exercise? These 4 Helpful ways to fit in exercise for the busy mom will help you see how doable it is!

If you are a mother, one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your family is to do all you can to be healthy and strong!

If you feel good and have energy to do all that a mom wants and needs to do, it is the best thing ever! Your husband is blessed! Your kids are blessed! YOU are blessed.

It feels GREAT to feel GREAT!

exercise for mom


(  HERE.)


On the other hand, if you feel yuck, low energy, foggy-brained, and sick, your family suffers. YOU suffer.

But it’s SO easy for a mom to spend all her time and energy caring for others and have nothing left to care for herself!


Well, right. But it’s only easy on the front end. What I described about feeling terrible, low-energy, sick, etc. is actually not easy. And that’s what happens to moms who “let themselves go” because they haven’t taken the time to care for themselves.

If you’re a mom, it is possible and it is reasonable that you thrive as a mom! I want you to know you are worth caring for!

Your health is a valid cause to invest in and prioritize.

A busy mom taking the time to exercise is a wonderful way to get on the road to being healthy and strong.


(Check out my post on powerful ways to boost energy for tired moms too!)


Here are some exercise tips a busy mom can apply.

I know some moms stay home, some moms work outside the home, and everything in between.  These tips work for all kinds of schedules!


1st way busy moms can fit in exercise- EARLY MORNING EXERCISE ROUTINE!

ways to fit in exercise for the busy mom

One way to fit in exercise for the busy mom is to add exercise to your day on a consistent basis by getting up just a little earlier to do 30 minutes of exercise. I recommend exercising from home for the early morning routine because it’s quicker and you don’t have to worry with taking the kids and childcare.

You can be finished with a great workout at home in the time it would take you to just drive to and from a gym.

I currently enjoy an early morning exercise routine. I get up at 6:00am, put on workout clothes and go right outside to run/walk for a few miles and I’m back as everyone’s getting up and going.

Running, walking, and biking are fabulous ways to exercise outside in the morning.

But for some, the weather isn’t conducive for outdoor training. And then for some, you can’t exercise outdoors because your spouse isn’t home to watch the kids, etc.

In that case, I recommend investing in a piece of exercise equipment. I think that investment is FAR MORE USEFUL than a gym membership for most busy moms. It just takes a huge chunk of time out of the puzzle to be able to exercise right at home!


  • A TREADMILL!–  Voila! You can run and walk without ever leaving your home. You can get a great workout quickly (AND you can easily listen to edifying things to start your day like I describe in this post about making time to read and pray) This quality TREADMILL is helpful because it doesn’t take up alot of space and it has many speed/resistance options.
  • exercise for the busy mom
  • AN EXERCISE BIKEI love my recumbent bike- it’s economical, works great, and I’ve used it for YEARS! Biking/cycling burns more calories in a shorter period of time than running or walking -so it is definitely a great choice for an easy, quick workout at home.
  • exercise for the busy mom
  • HAND WEIGHTS! Once you have a way to get a good cardio workout like we’ve talked about, just get some weights to add weight resistance and you are all set. If you haven’t used weights before, starting with 5 POUND WEIGHTS like these is recommended. If you feel like those are too light, some 8 POUND WEIGHTS or some 10 POUND WEIGHTS like these are perfect for getting toned arms and shoulders.
  • exercise for busy moms


Speaking of exercise, eating healthy and losing weight if needed certainly motivates! This FREE 3 day mini course is definitely a favorite of mine! The3 Day Healthy Weight Loss Reset is a super effective 3 day plan to get you losing 3-5lbs in just 3 days without having to think about what to eat!  This is great to do before an upcoming event or as a jumpstart to the THRIVING thru NUTRITION 30 day plan!


2nd way busy moms can fit in exerciseEXERCISE WITH YOUR KIDS!

ways to fit in exercise for the busy mom

Moms don’t have to “get away” to add exercise to their lives. In fact, exercising WITH Mom can be a fun routine for children to look forward to each day! A morning walk or jog after breakfast or after a nap is something that has worked for me for years.

I’ve LOVED this AWESOME GRACO JOGGING STROLLER! It has held up to a ton of runs and walks! Plus it’s just so smooth and easy to work with.

exercise for the busy mom

While talking about jogging strollers, I have to mention a BOB STROLLER. Higher price point but exceptional value and durability. I’ve used the brand several times and love it. I haven’t owned one before but all my friends that do just gush over it.

I’ve personally witnessed how enduring BOB STROLLERS are when I lived on a ranch a few summers and my friend had one that she used every. single. day on all kinds of roads. Plus the re-sell value is very good with BOB strollers.

exercise for the busy mom

Anyway, what I do is push whoever is youngest in the family and the older kids run alongside or bike behind us. Pushing a stroller is a fabulous workout for a busy mom. It’s time with kids plus big-time cardio!

Another effective way to fit in exercise for the busy mom!




3rd way busy moms can fit in exercise- EXERCISE NEAR YOUR KIDS!

ways to fit in exercise for the busy mom

Exercise is one of those things you can do with your kids nearby and it totally works. I think it’s because you can easily interact with them still while exercising.

You can be smiling and talking to your small baby in a bouncy seat.

You can enjoy trying the extra weight when your toddler sits on your back while you do some push-ups. (This is my current situation!!)

This is when that at-home equipment (a TREADMILL, an EXERCISE BIKE, and HAND WEIGHTS) I mentioned come in real handy. You can get a great workout in consistently when you just exercise NEAR your kids!

Riding a stationary bike or running on a treadmill are so easy to do while kids are playing something else on the floor near you.

*If you don’t think your kids can or will just play NEAR you while exercising, I recommend getting a couple of toys or things they enjoy doing and putting them in the “workout” basket. Then, you pull out the “workout” basket when you start to exercise and they are engaged by what’s in the basket.*

Taking just 30 minutes of time and exercising near you kids is easy to do and repeat every day!


[THRIVING THRU NUTRITION is a 30 day plan for busy women to eat healthy, lose weight, and actually stick with it!]


4th way busy moms can fit in exercise- EVENING EXERCISE ROUTINE!

ways to fit in exercise for the busy mom

You knew I was going to say this right? Busy moms can choose the best time of day based on their schedule.

The evening may be a better way to fit in exercise for the busy mom!

When your kids are older and have extra curricular activites at night, you could plan to take them and then exercise THERE during that time while you wait for the practice or activity to be over. (Asking other moms to join you is great too!)

Or the evening routine could be once your children go to bed, taking a walk or jog if childcare is available. If not, jumping on the exercise equipment is so easy to do for the first 30 minutes after kids are in bed.

Not only is the exercise making you healthier and stronger, but it’s a great way to decompress after a busy day!


If you are a mother and want to deepen your connection with your child(ren), the FREE 3 Days of Thriving for Moms is a great way to do that! It’s a special 3 day mini-course for moms with one easy, meaningful parenting action a day for 3 days! 3 DAYS OF THRIVING FOR MOMS PLEASE!


[more on women exercising at BETTERHEALTH]



You see, the main deal is to simply choose a time and get a routine started. It may be that 3 days a week, you exercise in the morning and the other days, you exercise with your kids. Or it may be some other combination that works for your unique schedule.

FINDING WAYS TO FIT EXERCISE IN FOR THE BUSY MOM is not complicated! Just pick your best time routine and GET STARTED.  You will be amazed at how great you feel once you just DO IT.


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