My Favorite Things for Wives and Moms!!

Written by ElizabethThrives

favorite things for wives and moms

My favorite things for wives and moms!

Can’t you just hear the song, “These are a few of my favorite things….”?

Well these tried and true favorite things for wives and moms make great gifts for yourself or others! These are things I currently enjoy and are truly my favorites!

Now, I know things are just things. And we don’t need to get all caught up in aquiring THINGS.

We actually should take great care to make sure our heart is set upon things ABOVE- where moth and rust cannot destroy and where thieves cannot break in and steal. (Read Matthew 6:19-21)

(  HERE.)

With perspective in the right place, it is fun to list my FAVORITE things for wives and moms!

In no particular order, here are my current top 18!!

#1- Bellicon rebounder trampoline!

beleton rebounder favorite things for wives and moms

I don’t know about you but I don’t have time to put in hour long workouts each day. That would be nice but it’s just not realistic at all.What if you could do a workout in 20-30 minutes that would be the equivalent of an HOUR’S worth of cardio?!!!  I’m in! A rebounder is such a rockstar. Yes to workouts that get alot done in a short period of time. Isn’t that the greatest? This Bellicon classic is the BEST of the BEST.  Icing on the cake is that the legs fold for easy storage! Busy wives and moms that want to be in shape simply need this!

#2- Travel Toiletry Bag!

toiletry bag favorite things for wives and moms

This toiletry bag is simply perfect! I don’t use it for travel only. What I do is store my makeup in it. I used to have one drawer or bag with all of my makeup thrown in it. This bag is better because of the 4 compartments! I have eye makeup in one, lip glosses in another, foundation and powder in another, and brushes in the 4th compartment. Plus, it’s super easy to take in the car where I often apply makeup! This bag keeps my makeup lovely and organized at all times!

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#3- The Duties of Parents!

duties of parents favorite things for wives and moms

This truly incredible book outlines 17 profound responsibilities of Christian parents. It was written in the 19th century and you will definitely agree that it is just as relevant today as it was then. When you read it, you will understand why it is still very much in print! This may be the BEST PARENTING BOOK EVER. It is more of a booklet and can and should be read repeatedly. Read it and expect to be challenged deeply and encouraged greatly!

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#4- AgeWell Skincare!

arbonne agewell favorite things for wives and moms

Once I learned that what you put on your skin gets into your bloodstream in a matter of seconds, I started reading labels on my skincare! Eeeek. I was so glad to have found Arbonne as they are pure, safe, clean products that actually WORK. (If you use just coconut oil on your face, for instance, you are avoiding harmful chemicals yes, but as far as helping to reduce lines and wrinkles- not so much.)

Arbonne’s anti aging line is the walking dog of effectiveness! The best blend of science and nature.

What makes this so affordable is that they last so long! A super small amount goes a long way, so you don’t need to get more very often. I feel so good knowing I’m taking great care of my skin using these products! I look forward to my daily routine where I go through these steps super fast: cleanser, toner, serum (oh my-it’s just the BEST), eye cream (say no to crow’s feet and dark circles), day or night cream!

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#5-Trader Joe’s Taco Seasoning!

trader joes taco seasoning favorite things for wives and moms

I started making my own taco seasoning when I read the ingredients on the back of well-known taco seasoning packets! Ugh!!! No thank you chemicals in my taco seasoning! Homemade taco seasoning is delish for sure, but when I found this at Trader Joe’s, I liked it BETTER! Plus, I enjoy NOT having to take the time to measure out and make my own! I never like to be without this. PRO TIP– Only use 1/4 to 1/2 a package at a time!!! A little goes a deliciously LONG way!!

#6- Best Pillow Ever!

pregnancy pillow favorite things for wives and moms

Isn’t this pillow the dreamiest? Don’t be thrown off by the pregnant girl in the pic! You don’t have to be pregnant to NEED this thing. I did buy it when I was pregnant and yes it is SO HELPFUL for support and comfort during pregancy! But I couldn’t part with it once baby was born-ha! All night sound sleep? No problem! Here is more about the power naps possible with this too!

#7- Lodge cast iron skillets!

favorite things for wives and moms

There is a reason most chefs choose to cook in cast iron cookware! Cast iron conducts heat perfectly and browns beautifully. Cast iron simply excels on the stovetop AND in the oven. That kind of versatility is just necessary for a busy wife and mom! I think name brand matters with these in a big way. I choose to use LODGE brand cast iron because it is made in the United States and is far superior to the brands made overseas. I have the skillets and dutch oven and couldn’t love them more!

#8- duluth trading clothing and bags!

favorite things for wives and moms

Duluth Trading is one of my favorite companies! Each clothing item is so well made, well thought out (really fun details) and stylishly comfortable. I think the active clothing is superior to others while the regular clothing is outdoorsy, pretty, and functional. Their line of luggage and bags is fabulous too! Suffice it say, there is nothing I haven’t absolutely loved from Duluth Trading. Therefore, I just picked the whole store!

#9- Okeefe’s working hands!

okeefe's working hands favorite things for wives and moms

This hand cream is just the best. Women’s hands tend to get super dry. My hands can get painfully so, and this unassuming-not-trying-to-be-fancy hand cream does the trick. It’s a miracle working type cream:-) If I just apply this daily, my hands THRIVE! I don’t let myself run out of this especially in the colder months!

#10- Root Pump Volumizing Spray Mousse!

root pump spray favorite things for wives and moms

This product is so great for just what it says- VOLUME! When my hair is wet, I just lift my hair in different places and apply this at the root. Then I blow dry while lifting my hair away from my scalp in those areas. It definitely LIFTS and VOLUMIZES all day! A fabulous hair product!

#11- White soup crocks with handles!

soup crocks favorite things for wives and moms

This set of 4 soup crocks is so great to have on hand. They are ideal for soups, cereals, and even salads! These bowls are the perfect size! Not too big but also not squatty or small! It is hard to find dishes that are very well made and durable. One of my boys has dropped one on our hard wood floor when unloading the dishwasher, and it didn’t chip or break. That’s a great bowl!

#12- Arbonne Protein Shakes!

arbonne protein shakes favorite things for wives and moms

A life without these protein shakes I don’t want to live! Seriously. They are clean, healthy, vegan protein combining rice, pea, and cranberry protein for easily digestible deliciousness! They have no artificial sweetners, colors, or flavors and 20 vitamins and minerals as well. Tried many protein powders? Then you know the yuck, vitamin taste in general is the norm! Arbonne’s shakes taste amazing! It’s hard to find a protein powder that has all ingredients you can pronounce and recognize as well. Super healthy meal replacement and tool to lose or maintain weight!!

#13- Sperry Top-Sider Saltwater Rain Boots!

sperry saltwater rainboot favorite things for wives and moms

These are the kind of shoes that feel super comfortable the first time you put them on. No need to break them in (I’ve never understood that concept in the first place! Shoes should feel great the first time you try them on right?!) It doesn’t need to be raining to make me want to wear these. I love that they are dainty and not big and clunky like rain boots in other brands. My favorites right here!

#14- Shea Butter lip balm!

arbonne lip balm favorite things for wives and moms

Dry lips get a big thumbs DOWN! And you know what? It is not a good look for us as women to have dry lips. This shea butter lip balm is simply luxurious. It is the perfect recipe of moisturizing lip balm that keeps lips soft and smooth all day!! I always order 2 of these at a time so I’m never without one. Each lip balm lasts for months which is just another plus!

#15- Arbonne Fizz Sticks!

arbonne fizz favorite things for wives and moms

These energy fizz sticks are my FAVE drink ever! I don’t think a day EVER goes by without my drinking and enjoying one! My favorite thing to do is make a fizz in a big Yeti cup and drink it over a few hours! The energy fizz drink contains antioxidants and a botanical blend of green tea, guarana and ginseng, combined with B vitamins and chromium, to help boost energy. No artificial colors, flavors, or sweetners- see why I love? (More about them in the post easy ways to boost energy)

#16- Outdoor String lights!

outdoor lights favorite things for wives and moms

White lights like this just make me happy. They take an ordinary space and make it so warm, romantic, and inviting! These are super durable and weatherproof. These lights have the extra nice feature in that the brightness can be customized. One word comes to mind: DREAMY!!

#17- Lilys salted caramel baking chips!

lily's caramel chips favorite things for wives and moms

Have you tried Lily’s baking chips? They are too yummy for you to have not tried them! The special part about them is that they are sweetened with stevia instead of sugar! Do you know how many calories that saves? These chips are my emergency dessert when I am having a sugar attack AND they are the something sweet I can pop in my mouth after a meal! Guilt free sweetness!!

#18- Hot Tools 1 inch Curling Iron!

curling iron favorite things for wives and moms

I have used this curling iron for many years and I definitely get my money’s worth. I have a lot of hair, and I use it everyday! The temperature setting is great. This helps make the curls long lasting. My hair does hold curl well, but I give most of the credit to this curling iron! My big wavy curls last all day when I use this curling iron in the morning!

In conclusion…

Speaking of gifts and favorite things, my favorite gift to you is below! It’s my free “3 Days of Thriving” mini course where you get an email a day for just 3 days- each one has an easy, quick action step to bless your marriage and your parenting that day. To get the course emailed to you, sign up below!

favorite thing for wives and moms

And another favorite is a helpful resource is called Praying Proverbs for My Children! Download your free copy HERE!


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