6 Super Meaningful family Easter traditions!

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family Easter traditions

Meaningful family Easter traditions are fun to think through and plan!

Easter is such a wonderful time of year! There seems to be new life everywhere! The green leaves are back on the trees! The flowers are blooming! People are gardening! Birds are chirping! People are out and about in the warmer weather!

There’s a sense of HOPE in the air!

Well families have a great opportunity to savor and celebrate the season with meaningful family Easter traditions!

Here are several family Easter traditions that have been a huge blessing to our family!

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#1- Read aloud a delightful Easter adventure story in days leading up to the holiday!

family Easter traditions

I have written about Arnold Ytreeide before (Meaningful Christmas traditions and favorite read alouds). My goodness- you simply have to read his books!

He is truly a masterful storyteller! But not just that, he weaves the stories in Scripture making his holiday devotional stories a time of learning what God has revealed in the Bible. Plus they whimsically display what people may have been doing and feeling at those times in history. (These are best for kids around age 5 and up!)

Ammon’s Adventure is his incredible Easter family devotional story of a boy in Jerusalem leading up to Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection! It is laid out with chapters to read together followed by an incredibly thoughtful devotional at the end of each chapter. Your kids will not want you to stop reading it when the chapter ends each time!

#2- Resurrection eggs activity! 

The Resurrection Eggs are such a fabulous object lesson toy! They help children have a hands-on experience as they learn about the Easter story. Each of the 12 eggs has a miniature symbol of Easter inside! Kids love to open each one and say what part of the Easter story that symbol represents!

The Resurrections Eggs includes a devotional booklet that explains each symbol and has questions parents can use to discuss with their child! (These are great for toddler age and up!)

I usually get these eggs out a month before Easter and my kids love opening each one and talking about it over and over in the days leading up to Easter!

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#3- Family devotions the week of Easter!

family Easter traditions

The week of Easter is certainly marked with special days. The Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday and then there’s Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday! It makes the the week before Easter memorable and special for the family to have a quick devotion each day that week!

We have used a resource called Family Celebrations: Meeting Christ in Your Holidays and Special Occasions!

This book is great for all ages and we have used it many years for Christmas and Easter! It lays out a plan to add to a special banner that is finished on Easter morning. Plus it has short child-appropriate family devotions for each day!

Another option is at night, to gather the family and just read one of the gospel accounts in the books of Matthew 26-28, Mark 14-16, Luke 22-24, and/or  John 18-21 in the Bible about the death and resurrection of Jesus! Have your children act it out for better comprehension! Asking a kid to be “Jesus” and another to be “Peter” etc is fun and impactful!

#4- Special Easter meal!

Holidays and special meals go hand in hand! A special meal on Easter will make it a family Easter tradition your kids will always remember with fondness!

This meal may be with extended family or friends or just with yourselves! Either way, make it special by having certain foods on the menu that you repeat each Easter! Maybe it’s deviled eggs (a southern favorite) or a honey baked ham, or a certain casserole, or a special dessert!

Have fun thinking of what your family would enjoy to eat and either make or buy it for the meal!

Fresh flowers, dishes, and table coverings always make things memorable so these are some fantastic options for that:

This Spring gingham tablecloth is divine or a beautiful linen white tablecloth captures the moment well! This cupcake stand is perfect for any Easter desserts and these pretty disposable dishes look special and keep things simple!

#5- Easter egg hunt with fun variations for different ages!

family easter traditions

Even if we can all laugh at the “connection” between Easter eggs and the resurrection of Christ, egg hunts make for a truly memorable family Easter tradition!

Little ones thrive just looking for eggs that are basically thrown in the grass! When you have older kids, you can engage their sense of competition by hiding a different set of eggs in more challenging-to-find places! We’ve tried having separate egg hunt areas of the older kids allowing the younger ones to find as many eggs as possible in their area too!

My kids especially like how we’ve incorporated the “golden egg”! We put something better than candy in the “golden egg”- either a gift card or cash! This engages the kids who may think they are too old to do an Easter egg hunt! Suddenly, they are in when the golden egg is out there!

Often there are church or community Easter egg hunts too! Having a family egg hunt plus participating in the bigger group ones just makes the tradition that much more fun!

#6- Sweet Easter gifts for friends and family!

I love an opportunity to give gifts! Easter is such a great time to love on your friends and family in a special way! Easter baskets for kids and/or Easter gifts or baskets that you as a family give to others are super fun Easter traditions!

It’s a great tradition for your kids to look forward to their Easter basket that includes treats and some great gifts!

I have found that including a gift that would help someone grow spiritually such as a Bible or devotion book makes a wonderful Easter gift.  (Read this post for a great list of Easter gift ideas for kids!)

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In Easter baskets, I also like to include a gift that the person can enjoy outside since it’s a season where being outside is welcomed for sure!

Whatever you decide to put in Easter baskets, your family and others will enjoy the tradition!


#7- Attend an Easter morning sunrise service!

family easter traditions

If you have little ones, you may be sleep deprived and getting up and out earlier than usual can sound daunting! But if you are able, this one morning a year is so uplifting to rise and attend a sunrise service!

They take place outside with the sun rising over the backdrop which is majestic in itself. But the service is usually a beautiful picture of the majesty and wonder of Christ’s resurrection which is sure to be a memorable Eastern tradition for families.

#8- New clothing items for everyone for Easter morning!

You may have grown up getting a new Easter dress or new “church” clothes to wear on Easter.

I did and then in the southern United States where I am, we like to dress our kids in special Easter church outfits too:-)

But growing up, I never thought of WHY many people do this.  I now like to think the reason many people wear new clothes to church on Easter morning is to symbolize that Christ makes all things new! He died to pay for our sins and then rose to give new life to all of us who believe!

So a new dress or outfit is a small way to symbolize that wonderful new-ness of life we are reminded of on Easter!

Therefore, I like to make it a family Easter tradition for everyone to get something new to wear. If it’s not a whole outfit for my boys, it may be a new shirt or bow tie, etc.


Families have a great opportunity to celebrate Easter and make meaningful family Easter traditions together. I hope these ideas lead you to make great Easter traditions with your family!

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