Perfect Easter gift ideas for kids

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easter gift ideas for kids

Easter comes at such a wonderful time of the year! I love spring with warmer weather, flowers blooming, gardens growing, ahhh… just new life everywhere! On Easter, parents often enjoy giving a few good gifts to their children! These Easter gift ideas for kids are sure to bless and encourage your children!

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#1- New devotion book or Bible!

easter gift ideas for kids

We gave our oldest son his first “real” Bible on Easter when he was 7 years old. We decided to keep that tradition so each of other kids has gotten a Bible on their 7th Easter as well!

For all the other Easters in our kids’ lives, we have always included a gift to help them grow spiritually such as a Bible or devotion book.

Read my post quality devotion books for boys to see devotionals we have used and recommend!

Bibles for different reading levels and ages are great investments for your kids! Here are some ones we have used and recommend:

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#2- New toy, tool, or gadget to use outside!

Since Easter is in the wonderful season of spring, I think some sort of outdoor toy, tool, or gadget is a perfect Easter gift idea for kids! It’s warmer outside! Kids want to be outdoors and enjoy!

Plus, giving kids some outdoor toys is great encouragement to go OUTSIDE instead of sitting inside in front of a screen!

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Here are just a few outdoor toys, tools, or gadgets for kids of all ages!

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#3- Books inspired by Easter! 

Easter gift ideas for kids

Some type of book with an Easter theme is one of the best Easter gift ideas for kids! That could be a picture book, a Christian living book, or a novel! Here are some favorites of ours!

These are just some silly, cute ones (definitely not intended to be devotional in nature or used to teach your children the Biblical account of Easter!)

#4- Sweet treats for Easter baskets!

easter gift ideas for kids

If you like to give your kids Easter baskets with a little candy in them, you may feel like I do! I dread giving my kids junk that’s unhealthy for their bodies full of food coloring, sugar, and lots of words I can’t pronounce! This list of candy does have sugar, but has ingredients I recognize and no artificial colors, sweeteners, and chemicals!

#5- New clothing for Easter!

A fun Easter gift idea for kids is a new piece of clothing or outfit!

I think it’s a special way to celebrate the new life we have in Christ as a result of His finished work on the cross.

A new outfit doesn’t make you new, but it can serve as a sweet symbol to your kids of the newness of life that is possible with Christ!

Even if it’s not a whole outfit, a new accessory like a hair bow or shoes or bow tie can be perfect!

In conclusion…

Easter is a special holiday to celebrate with your family. These Easter gift ideas for kids are great to make the day even more special for your children!

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