12 Fun Date Night Ideas for Married Couples (that won’t break the bank!)

Written by ElizabethThrives

date night ideas for married couples

Here are super fun date night ideas for married couples!

It sure is easy for married couples to stop going on dates together or for date night to be more of a rare treat. All the responsibilities of life kind of add up and time sure does fly. A lot couples look up at some point and think, “When was the last time we went on a DATE?”

It doesn’t have to be that way, and it really shouldn’t be that married couples don’t continue to go on dates!

Why do married couples need to have date nights?

In marriage, the two people became ONE. And this is for LIFE. We aren’t one with our jobs or our kids.

We need to continue to cultivate that oneness for all of our married lives together! Date nights- regular date nights are a wonderful way to continue to grow closer in our marriages.

Going on a date gives you a break from the normal distractions around you and allows you to focus on being together for a time. Date nights are a worthy investment in your marriage!

Date nights for couples don’t not have to break the bank either. These date night ideas are all super fun while being budget friendly!

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Here are the BEST (budget friendly) date night ideas for married couples!


1- Dollar Menu Date Night!

date night ideas for couples

This date night is definitely fun and definitely inexpensive! You pick your favorite fast food restaurant that has a dollar menu. (Most fast food restaurants have this cheap feature!)

You order your meal off the dollar menu and either eat in the restaurant or eat in your car! A good thing about the dollar menu is that the portions are usually small so you aren’t eating a big load of possibly unhealthy food. You’re just eating a small amount!

That’s a win, because you know I advocate eating super healthy 80-85% of the time as described in THRIVNG thru NUTRITION ! But for this date night, it’s fun to eat a couple dollar menu items while enjoying time together.

So you eat your meal and then you can enjoy a dessert from a different restaurant’s dollar menu if you want! Or one donut from a Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donut’s kind of place.

Finally, to cap off the dollar theme, try going to a dollar store and picking out a cheap gift for each other. Share why you picked the item and enjoy the discussion it brings!

And there you have a super fun date night idea!

2- Creative Progressive Dinner Date Night!

date night ideas for married couples

This date night idea for married couples is all about enjoying a meal together!

You split your meal into 3 courses. Appetizer, main dish, and dessert.

Couples can take turns picking the place for the next course. The idea is for the meal to take a little while because you are going to three different places.

Your first stop is a restaurant where you can have an appetizer that you both would like! Then you move to the second stop which will be your main dish. Finally, you stop at a different place for a dessert that you both can share!

It’s spices things up to mix the genres of food for each course too! Just have fun picking your places and food choices! At the end of the time, you’ve had a great shared experience together.

That’s a perfect date to me!




3- Picnic at a park or lake for a date!

date night ideas for married couples

I don’t know what it is about a picnic, but it takes a meal from ordinary to special!

If the weather permits, a day or evening picnic together is a special date night idea! A charcuterie of fruits, cheeses, nuts, and special drinks can add that romantic flare to your date night picnic.

This picnic backpack is such a great pack to use for picnic dates! We got it as a wedding gift (such a great gift idea for couples) and have enjoyed it ever since. It truly has everything you need for romantic picnic meal! This pack includes

  • 2 stainless steel knives, forks, and spoons,
  • 2 dinner plates,
  • 2 super cute cotton napkins,
  • 2 wine glasses,
  • 1 cheese/butter knife
  • a bottle opener
  • 2×salt/pepper shakers 
  • a cutting board +
  • and I love that it also has a waterproof back fleece picnic blanket (size 45×53 inch)
  • plus it has insulated compartment for food and drinks

A picnic back pack is easy to carry and you can tell I’m enamored with it for good reason! But when you don’t have far to walk or when you don’t need to keep something cold or hot for long, this lovely picnic basket is certainly romantic!

Pair the BASKET with a extra large picnic blanket like this and enjoy a lovely time together!

Where to have this picnic? If you have access to a lake or river or beach close by, those are great places for a picnic date.  A park is also a great idea too!

Either way, a picnic together somewhere is a special date night idea for couples!




4- Grow in marriage wisdom for a sweet date night!

If we, as married couples, think that our marriage is going to THRIVE just because we love each other, we are wrong! We need to constantly invest in learning and growing in our marriage.

Your marriage is a treasure and your relationship needs much care and attention. So yes definitely prioritize date nights! And a sweet date night idea for married couples that is also a great investment in your marriage is to learn a little on the date!

I advise going to a website that has a Biblical view of marriage (because God Himself is the author of marriage) such as focusonthefamily.com or familylifetoday.com.

Then when you go to the “marriage” section, either site will display many articles. Scroll through and pick one that sounds good and on your date,  go somewhere and read the article together or individually.

Then just talking about your thoughts on it and any ways you can apply it is so very valuable!

5- Hike together for a fun date idea!

date night idea for couples- hiking

Shared experiences are always great because they bond people together. If the weather permits, getting outdoors and hiking together is good for the soul and an easy way to be together.

A quick internet search or asking around can pull up different hiking options in your area. I mentioned a picnic earlier and depending on how far you hike, taking a picnic to a special spot is a great idea idea too.

Either way hiking together is one of my favorite date night ideas for couples!



6- At home games and dessert date night!

date night ideas for couples

Sometimes staying home is the best option for different reasons. You have to be careful with this one if you are a tired parent- because “at home dates” can become fall-asleep-10 minutes-into-the-date kind of times! (I know from experience:-)

So I don’t recommend watching a movie on the couch for an official date night. There is a time and place for that, but it doesn’t feel very date-like when one falls asleep for the majority of the date! (Again, guilty over here:-)

Playing some games is my favorite at home date idea for couples. I have found that even if people sometimes think they don’t want to play any games, once they do, they have a great time!

So just pick a couples games such as a card game, or a board game, or even an outdoor game such as basketball or tennis!

Enjoy a little healthy competition! And really, we all need to stop the crazy and play some games every once in a while!

As far as board games go, a few of our kids’ games that we like to play are Labyrinth, mancala, uno, and trouble. There are plenty of board games out there for sure. Just pick a couple and enjoy!

And finishing the date with a favorite dessert is a great idea!


date night ideas

7- Fire pit date night!

date night idea

What is it about sitting around a fire that makes a time together just more special? For couples who need to stay at home for the date night, going outside and sitting around a fire and just talking about whatever comes up is a fabulous date night idea!

If you don’t have a fire pit, they seem to be easy to make with a shovel and some rocks. But for even more ease, this large fire pit with all that you need does the job quite well. And it’s so nice looking as well!

We like to sit in Adirondack chairs like this and just relax! These chairs are great because they look great on a patio or in a backyard and they hold up nicely in all kinds of weather.

A fun drink or marshmallows can add a spark as well!




8- Go kayaking together for a fun date!

date night idea for couples

It doesn’t cost much to rent kayaks if you don’t own them which makes this a budget friendly option that provides that wonderful shared experience kind of time.

Finding a body of water, even if it’s a little drive away, and kayaking together for awhile is a very enjoyable date idea for couples.

We like separate kayaks but a tandem kayak can be great too.

We have this PERCEPTION KAYAK and an OLD TOWNE kayak that we highly recommend for their quality and durability! They have remained in perfect shape for years!

REI.com offers short kayak tours that would be an incredibly special date adventure to have together. Check out the places they offer to see if one is near you!

9-  Gift challenge for a creative date night!

date night ideas for married couples

Sometimes it’s fun to just try something different and this is a great date night idea for couples to do just that.

For this one, you go to an indoor or outdoor shopping mall. Then you just walk through the mall talking and window shopping. Next, you pick a dollar amount within your budget to spend on each other. Let’s say it’s $20.

Split up and plan a time and place to meet back up. Then each person goes to a store their spouse likes and picks something for $20 there. Finally, the couple meets back up and surprises their date with a gift!

Enjoy explaining why you picked the items for each other!

10- take a bike ride together for a fun date night!

date night ideas for married couples

Side by side kind of activities make such enjoyable date night ideas for couples! You’re doing something fun together and therefore bonding and growing closer together.

A bike ride together is the best! For some couples, that could be a mountain biking trail ride. For others, it’s riding through the neighborhood together. Or it’s fun to find a place that’s conducive for bike riding such as a park.

We have had a great experience with Schwinn mountain bikes.  They have stood the test of time and use! These bikes are not only a tool to use to spend time on a date together, but they are a great investment for your health and exercise! Lots of benefits to owning bikes:-)

(Still, you can also rent bikes for a few hours if you don’t own them!)

11- Creative Couple massages at home for a sweet date night!

This is a fun date night idea at the end of a long day! The creative couple massage date night goes like this:

You take turns and pick a specified amount of time for the massage such as 20 minutes. So let’s say the wife goes first. She gets to pick what music to listen to or what show she wants to watch on TV. The husband then gives her a massage…

Then after the 20 minutes (or whatever time you picked), the husband gets to pick the music or the show on TV he wants to watch while the wife gives him a massage.

A wonderful massage oil that nourishes and detoxes the skin is Arbonne’s rescue and renew detox oil. It smells wonderful and has no chemicals or mineral oil in it. It’s divine.

12- Take a class together for a fun date night!

date night ideas for married couples

A different take on being entertained together is to go and learn something together for a date night!

It’s a great idea to check and see what kind of classes are offered near you. There are often free classes or inexpensive classes that would be such a fun date night for couples.

A cooking class, a dancing class, an outdoor skill class, a budgeting class (some couples would find that fun:-), an art class, etc. There are probably more class options than you realize right near you! Try one for a date night sometime!



Couples who make the time for regular date nights together are making a worthy investment in their relationship. I would love to hear how you like these date night ideas if you try one!




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