Do this to avoid weight gain during the holidays (just 3 simple things)

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avoid holiday weight gain

I certainly enjoy the trio of “the holidays” in a BIG way!! The traditions, the joy, the excitement and anticipation are not lost on me. I seek to soak it all up!

One of the many things I look forward to before the holidays start- is the abundance of special meals and desserts!

But in the past, by the time the holidays were in full swing- I would be feeling a bit weighted down (pun intended:-) drowning in sugar overload and high caloric meal after meal! -Which would then lead to the annual holiday issue- inevitable weight gain!!

I would vacillate between eating those rich holiday foods, feeling gross and bloated, and then stressing in the area of holiday eating. Isn’t it the most wonderful time of the year? Ha!

Well I have some really JOLLY NEWS for you!!!

I have learned the secret to being able to enjoy some festive foods while avoiding weight gain during the holidays!

And I’m THRILLED to share this secret with you! It takes a load of holiday-weight-gain stress off the shoulders!

Drumroll please!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. THE NUMBER 1 Way to Avoid weight gain during the holidays is…..To have a protein smoothie for one meal A DAY!!

avoid holiday weight gain

Are you hearing me on this? This is fabulous news! What could be EASIER than blending or shaking up a nutrient dense protein smoothie for one of your meals each day of the holidays?!

The PROS of a daily protein smoothie during the holidays:

  1. You feel AMAZING when you feed your body a huge dose of deliciousness in a protein smoothie!
  2. The protein helps you FEEL FULL and keeps glycemic levels balanced (not true if you just blend up some fruits and yogurt- you’ll be sugar rushing and then starving soon after!)
  3. Protein smoothies are definitely an ENERGY BOOSTING meal. You’re getting lean protein, fruits, and veggies and a big dose of vitamins and minerals.
  4. It’s a pretty low-calorie meal which allows you some caloric space to eat some rich holiday foods at another time in the day!

The CONS of a daily protein smoothie during the holidays:

  1. Ummmm….. hmmmm………there aren’t any!

Haha! Glad we got that figured out!

Now some important points to help this holiday hack work powerfully for you:

***What is meant by “protein smoothie”?

All protein smoothies are not created equal for sure! You need a good quality protein. It is highly recommended that  women, especially (due to hormone issues with whey and soy) consume PLANT protein.

Plant protein doesn’t always taste too yum though! However when you purchase a protein powder that has a blend of a few different plant proteins, such as Arbonne’s Protein powder, you hit the TASTE GREAT jackpot!!

Not only does it taste so delicious, but a blend of 3 plant proteins (cranberry, rice, and pea) in Arbonne’s protein powder gives a complete amino acid profile and is super easily digested.

You want a protein powder that is clean with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Those powders are harder to find but worth the effort- artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors have too many health concerns to even write here! One that has 20 vitamins and minerals like Arbonne’s protein makes it that much more healthy for your body!

So once you have a great protein powder, just blend it up with your favorite frozen fruits (& veggies if you like), a healthy fat like nut butter or avocado, and almond milk (or other milk)! Do this for one meal a day and you are on point at succeeding to avoid weight gain during the holidays!!

(Note: On the checkout page for the protein powder, check out how to get 20% off your order!)

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***Does drinking a shake for ONE meal a day give the green light to eat all the fatty holiday foods with no consequence?

Haha! No…BUT!! You can eat SOME of the holiday treats! This way, you definitely don’t feel like you are missing out on a fun meal or dessert here and there!

So no- you can’t go overboard, but wow- you have alot of fun food freedom when you simply drink a protein smoothie for one meal a day during the holidays!!

BONUS TIP: If you have a particularly abundant holiday rich meal(s), you can drink a protein smoothie for 2 of your 3 meals a day to re-set and renew!

Replacing one meal a day with a protein smoothie is definitely the MAIN way to avoid weight gain during the holidays!

There are a couple of other great tricks to add to avoid holiday weight gain!

B. Keep it movin’ to avoid weight gain during the holidays!

avoid holiday weight gain

We have only BENEFITS to reap when we exercise. We feel better! We actually gain more energy! We keep our bodies metabolizing the foods we eat at an optimal level!

Do I need to say more?

Excerising during the holiday season? It’s fun to even listen to Christmas music while you walk or jog! Have a festive time with it! Just remember, any exercise you do makes a BENEFICIAL impact! (One of which is a huge help at avoiding holiday weight gain:-)

A helpful resource for ways to fit in exercise for busy moms is HERE!

Read that, pick your healthy holiday routine, and you are all set!

C. Detox Tea at night to avoid weight gain during the holidays!

avoid holiday weight gain

What makes a tea- a detox tea? A tea that is geared towards aiding your digestive system falls in this category. Arbonne’s detox tea really stands out above the rest in its special blend of herbs. To name the main ones: milk thistle, peppermint, dandelion, sweet fennel, and nettle.

These wonderful herbs help support the liver, kidneys, AND digestive tract. When we eat anything processed, our liver and kidneys have a big job to do in getting rid of the negative stuff. Drinking this tea helps the digestive system to run more efficiently.

Traditional holiday foods can definitely be a load on our liver, kidneys, and digestive tract! Oh boy!

If I ever feel bloated, I drink this at night, and its gone. Read more about this detox tea and the ingredients HERE.

One tea bag makes a big 16oz cup or 2 8oz cups. I drink it plain or add lemon and a litte honey.

Drinking a detox tea at night is a powerful tip to help avoid weight gain during the holidays!

(Note: On the checkout page for Arbonne’s detox tea, check out how to get 20% off your order!)

In Conclusion:

It really is so simple to avoid weight gain during the holidays! Doesn’t it make you want to just stop and sing some Christmas music in a really loud voice? I told you it was JOLLY NEWS:-)

Here’s to your sweetest holiday season yet!

avoid holiday weight gain

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