5 Ways to BOOST Energy (for tired moms!)

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powerful ways to boost energy for tired moms


I think having the title of Mom is one of the greatest honors a woman can possess. I also know being a mom can be oh so exhausting right?

First, there’s the physical exhaustion for a mom when she has a new baby.

Then on to having a toddler and beyond! Raising up little people to be big people is hard work!

The work of a mom looks differently in all the phases of raising children, but one thing is true- mom exhaustion is a real thing!

I’ve found some great success in increasing my energy with these 5 awesome ways to boost energy for tired moms!


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I feel like I have cracked the code on this!

You might be thinking, “Sure. A nap would be helpful but when and how do I pull that off? Mom’s don’t usually get to take a break during the day!!”

I’m going to give you the “recipe” for the perfect power nap, and you’ll see!  You can do this!

The best thing about this is it only takes 19 minutes.

19 minutes!!

First thing you do is get your child or children in a place where they are safely contained.  If you have a baby, this can be buckled into a bouncy seat or indoor swing. Or it could be a baby or toddler in a pack-n-play crib. Or this could certainly be when your child is napping in their bed.

For older kids, I have them sit in the den all together.

Second– give them something to entertain them. This can be some baby toys or turning on a quick show that they all like. (Even if you have screen limits as we do, 19 minutes is very short!!) This keeps them quiet:-)

Thirdtell them Mom is laying down for 19 short minutes! (It can be in your room or same room with kid(s).

Finallyturn phone on silent. Set an alarm for 19 minutes. Lay down and don’t put any pressure on yourself to actually sleep. Just be committed to lay there for the 19 minutes with eyes closed.

(I like to lay in my room on my bed wrapped in THIS AMAZING BODY PILLOW. I got it when pregnant with my 5th baby and just couldn’t part with it after my baby was born. You don’t have to be pregnant to need this thing! It might be the best ever.)

boost energy for tired moms

When alarm goes off after the 19 minutes, just get up and feel the way this refreshes your body! If you laid there longer, you would feel groggy and more tired. Shorter and it is just not enough.

19 minutes is the PERFECT amount of time!! It sounds better than 20 when you feel like you just can’t take any time to do this! (A little reverse psychology:-)

I’ve perfected this amount of time over the years. 19 minutes is simply the perfect amount!

Sometimes I lay there with my eyes closed and don’t fall asleep- but I definitely benefit from the REST that is deposited into my sleep account by doing this. I often do fall asleep which is great too.

Either way, you just have to utilize the POWER OF A POWER NAP!!




ways to boost energy for tired moms

I feel like my life changed for the better when I discovered these healthy energy drinks! First, I know many moms are attached to their coffee in huge ways! I’m not a coffee drinker because the caffeine is acidic in the body and this can cause many problems one of which is poor digestion and low energy.

These ENERGY FIZZ STICKS from ARBONNE are made with green tea extracts and I love that they also have 100% of all the B vitamins (these vitamins give energy boost) and ginseng. That is a powerful supplement to get you through any time of day!

They are little packets that you just add to water and voila! Energy boosted!

I make mine in a big STAINLESS STEEL TUMBLER like this in the morning and sip on it until lunch. My favorite is filling it with water, adding a splash of whatever fruit juice we have, and then a packet of STRAWBERRY FIZZ.

I totally recommend a supplement like these fizz sticks. If you try a different kind, read the label. Your family needs you to be healthy and strong!

When reading the label, look out for artificial sweeteners (they are not a good choice for so many reasons- just research for yourself when you have a minute!) and also look out for artificial colors (again many concerns about these lab-made chemicals in many processed foods).

(Note: On the checkout page for the energy fizz sticks, check out how to get 20% off your order!)

Healthy energy drinks are a huge help in boosting energy for a tired mom!!




ways to boost energy for tired moms

You will hear me say it a lot- one of the best gifts a mother can give to her family is for Mom to be healthy and strong

As far as health goes, this statistic is pretty eye opening: Nutrition and health are 85% related to what you eat and 15% related to the amount you exercise. Whoa.

A whole lot depends on what’s on my fork!!

When life is crazy raising children, it’s hard to really focus in on your health. I know- it is so easy to eat whatever and whenever. But again, Mom being healthy and strong is a gift to you and your family. You are worth it!

I purposely said tweak so it doesn’t sound overwhelming. Just tweak your eating.

Decide something like, for the next 3 days (not for the next 3 months-because that kind of goal will shut you down before you even start!) not to eat any sugar for example. And say to yourself that instead when I want something sweet, I will eat a piece of fruit like an apple or berries. For 3 days.

Limiting sugar is an easy place to start. Then after you see how awesome that makes you feel and how much energy you feel like you have, you could try something like starting your day with a healthy smoothie for the next 3 days or something like that.

Gradually, you can build on this and continue to tweak things until you eat nutrient dense foods most of the time while unhealthy, sugary things becomes the random exception.

It is amazing how this works! Energy and healthy food go hand in hand!

So just think about your eating habits and ask yourself what can you tweak for maybe a 3 day trial. And then do it! And continue to add to it gradually!


You may love my FREE 3 Day Healthy Weight Loss Reset! It’s a complete eating plan for 3 short days to achieve big weight loss results! It’s so fun and energy boosting to eat healthy and lose weight if needed!

3 day healthy weight loss plan



ways to boost energy for tired moms


I know when you are feeling exhausted day in and day out, you probably think exercise  is exactly what you don’t have the energy to do! Right?

Well this is definitely counter-intuitive.

But when you exert yourself in exercise, you actually feel more energy  in the long run of your day.

This is why: when you exercise, you get stronger. This increases your stamina. Then, before you know it, you look up and think, oh my! I do feel more energetic!

Try me on it!

What kind of exercise you do will depend on many things. If possible, just do some cardio (running, walking, biking, or swimming) each day. Also using some weights (or simply body weight) to tone muscles will make a huge difference in your energy! You will be amazed!

Just start somewhere if it feels overwhelming. Take a brisk 10 minute walk. And then after, do some body weight work like 10 push-ups. Doesn’t that sound doable?

Then gradually increase your cardio/weight time as you are able.

Don’t let it feel complicated to you. Just DO SOMETHING and you can build on it as you SEE how much BETTER you feel when you consistently EXERCISE!


READ WAYS TO FIT EXERCISE IN FOR BUSY MOMS for more ideas and info on this!



ways to boost energy for tired moms

This one may be the easiest way to give your body a wonderful boost of energy!

Make it priority to get some Vitamin D in your body! The easiest way to do this is to go outside and take in God’s built-in Vitamin D dispenser! The sun!

Just 10-30 minutes a day (most days) of letting the sunshine wash over you is more than adequate. This can be combined with the previous tip of getting exercise.

Or you can and should definitely get your children outside for a time as well! Go with them and make sure you are in the sunlight for some of that time, and you will feel the wonder!

If you work and there is no time during the day, try these ideas and see if maybe they could allow you some times in the sunshine: *Eat outside for your lunch break
*and/or at some point in the work day, take your work outdoors for 15-30 minutes and continue on it there.

Just get creative and seek to be in the sunshine most days!

The fact that Vitamin D from the sun often improves a sense of well-being is just an added bonus!

I want to mention Vitamin D supplements as well! This VITAMIN K2+D3 SUPPLEMENT is a great one!

Vitamin D has a vital role in your level of energy! You will be amazed at the difference when you start adding this in!


[Additional thoughts on energy for women at womenshealthmag.com]



It’s really good news that mothers do not have to feel energy-zapped! 

Tired moms can apply these 5 tips to really help their energy levels boost right away. Let me know how they go for you!

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These 5 ways to boost energy for tired moms are sure to help!!

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