3 Days of Thriving for Wives- quick steps for wives to help their marriage!

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3 days of thriving for wives

If you are a wife, do you want to THRIVE in your marriage?

You may be thinking…it’s all fine and great to WANT to thrive! Wanting to thrive doesn’t make it so.

Let’s don’t just survive!

Doesn’t it seem that unless some kind of intentional steps are taken, we just resort to surviving in our marriage? In the craziness of life, it’s way too easy to get distant and slowly grow apart as a couple.

It would be regrettable to look back over the years of your marriage and WISH you had taken more time and steps to invest in these most important relationships.

thriving as a wife

I don’t think there is a wife out there who doesn’t want her relationship with her husband to be healthy, strong, full of love, romantic, vibrant, and fulfilling! Right?

That’s where just 3 special days comes in!!! “The 3 Days of Thriving For Wives”   FREE mini course is here to be that way-maker in your marriage!

Part of the challenge in marriage is knowing what practical action steps to take that will lead to greatly enjoying and thriving as a wife and mom.

There is so much a wife can do to help her marriage thrive!

That’s great news! It doesn’t depend on if your husband does or doesn’t do this or that. You can greatly help and improve your marriage either way!

It’s amazing how a wife taking simple, intentional steps can make a HUGE impact in her marriage! The free 3 Days of Thriving for Wives is such a special 3 Day mini course crafted for the busy wife who wants to THRIVE in her marriage! 1 powerful action step a day for 3 days! 3 DAYS OF THRIVING FOR WIVES PLEASE!

wives thriving


Each day for 3 days you will get an email with a life changing dose of exciting encouragement for a wife!

  • Each email contains a MARRIAGE action step that you can easily and quickly do THAT day!



  1. How much does this cost? It’s absolutely FREE!
  2. If my marriage is already in a great place, would this be worth my time? Oh yes these steps are great investments in your marriage no matter what!
  3. If I’m so busy that I feel just overwhelmed, will this help? Absolutely! These steps are designed for just that- they are quick, easy, and doable in the daily crazy.
  4. If my marriage is in a stressful, rocky place, would you recommend this? Yes definitely! These steps are specifically crafted for marriages that are difficult as well as marriages that are healthy. All wives would benefit from these 3 Days of Thriving for Wives!


thriving wives

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