3 Days of Thriving- quick steps to encourage wives and moms!

Written by Elizabeth Thrives

Oct 28, 2020
3 days of thriving- steps to encourage wives and moms

If you are a wife, do you want to THRIVE in your marriage?

If you are a mom, do you want to THRIVE as a parent?

You may be thinking…it’s all fine and great to WANT to thrive! Wanting to thrive doesn’t make it so.

Let’s don’t just survive!

Doesn’t it seem that unless some kind of intentional steps are taken, we just resort to surviving in our marriage? In the craziness of life, it’s way too easy to get distant and slowly grow apart as a couple.

And the same with parenting- doesn’t it feel like the day-to-day needs and schedule keep us in survival mode just to stay afloat?

It would be regrettable to look back over the years of our marriage and parenting our kids and WISH we had taken more time and steps to invest in these most important relationships.
3 days of thriving
That’s where just 3 special days comes in!!! “The 3 Days of Thriving” mini course is here to be that way-maker in your marriage and relationships with your kids!

Part of the challenge in marriage and parenting is knowing what practical action steps to take that will lead to greatly enjoying and thriving as a wife and mom.


Each day for 3 days you will get an email that has 3 special parts! These 3 parts add up to a life changing dose of exciting encouragment for a wife and a mom!

  • The first part of each 3 Days of Thriving email is an all time FAVORITE smoothie recipe to start the day! This little bonus just helps a girl see how wonderful it feels to drink a nutrient dense DELICIOUS smoothie in the morning!
  • The second part of each 3 Days of Thriving email is a MARRIAGE action step that you can easily and quickly do THAT day!
  • The third part of each 3 Days of Thriving email is a PARENTING action step that you can easily and quickly do THAT day as well!

It’s Easy to Sign up for the 3 Days of Thriving!

Use this form and then check your inbox and start THRIVING this week!!


  1. How much does this cost? It’s absolutely FREE!
  2. If I’m a wife but not a mom, would this still help me? Definitely! You can store the parenting steps for later or share them with a friend. Either way, the marriage action steps alone are worth getting the 3 Days of Thriving!
  3. If I’m so busy that I feel just overwhelmed, will this help? Absolutely! These steps are designed for just that- they are quick, easy, and doable in the daily crazy.

encouragment for wives

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encouragment for wives and moms

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Thrives-

Blogger and full-time mom of 5 boys:-) This little corner of the internet allows me to make an income from home and be present with my boys in these formative years...and my main hope is to encourage and equip other wives and moms to THRIVE in their season of life as well!

Let’s THRIVE together!


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